Beginning Hunter FAQ

The FAQ will be in the form of Guides for each area on the right side bar here. I’ll be adding links as the guides are completed.

Hunter Playstyle:

Introduction to Hunter’s Pets:

Pet Types:

Pet Skills:

  • What skills can my pet learn?
  • What are the best skills?
  • How does my pet learn skills?
  • How do I learn skills to teach my pet?
  • What is Loyalty Level?
  • Will my ____ ever get a unique or improved skill?


  • My pet keeps running away and I need to tame a new one!
  • There’s a red, unhappy or yellow, blah face next to my pet.
  • My pet can’t taunt mobs off me!
  • I can’t tame ____.
  • I can’t get a group!


  • There’s alot of misinformation out there about hunters. If you have a question or want to check on a rumor head over here.



  1. Zefram said,

    Might want to have a section for racials, and what race to roll if you’re a min/maxing type of person.

    Keep in mind that for raiding, weapon skill is a massive bonus. +5 Weapon Skill is an effective 3% +hit to something 3 levels above you (the math changes once you’re within “2 levels” of the mob, so another 5 skill points would only give you 0.5% to hit). And raid bosses are typically level cap + 3 mobs.

    If you’re planning on end-game raiding, then you could do worse to go with Dwarf or Troll.

  2. PorkHunter said,

    I have a question about the training points of pets. Since pets have 350 training points at lv70, if you train a pet and it has skills already like bite 9, will that bite 9 have taken up some points or will the pet still have 350 points and bite 9?

  3. Znodis said,

    Nope. If you tame a pet with a skill, it will start with negative skill points equal to the cost of the skill.

  4. thorat said,

    Can you unlearn the skills your pet comes with when you train them and use the points to teach them others?

  5. Znodis said,

    Yes and no.

    For your pet to unlearn their abilities, just go to a It should only cost a few silver and they can be found in most major cities right next to the .

    The ‘no’ part is that if your pet is still at loyalty 1 – Rebellious and knows an ability, they have negative training points. If you untrain the pet, you will be at 0 training points until you hit loyalty 2.

  6. hunterrocks said,

    Can you tell me the best skills that a pet can learn? for example should I choose claw over bite or should I pick both or should I spend some points in great stamina and natural armour?

  7. Predatur said,

    is there a way i can toggle prowl on and off so i dont outrun my pet when running? thx for any answers/input =D

  8. Znodis said,

    I’m going to have to put this on the FAQ; it’s a good one.

    Prowl (or any other active ability) should be showing up on your pet action bar with a flashy graphic circling the button. This means it’s on auto-cast. To turn it off, right click the button. Right click again to turn auto-cast back on.

    When auto-cast is off, you can left-click the button to use the ability a single time.

  9. Capttovi said,

    How many skills can my cat have, elder nightsaber?

  10. zookthegnome said,

    I don’t have World of Warcraft yet, but I’m gonna get it soon, and this info will help big time. Thanks man!

  11. batgrl said,

    I keep popping back in here because the one question I always have and that other hunters I play with ponder over is spending the pet talent points. I realize that WotLK will change all this – but at the moment things like “is it better to spend the talent points in stamina or armor” or “should I go for armor and stamina and just ignore all resistances?” seem to have multiple answers.

  12. Znodis said,

    I plan to answer the “HP vs Armor” question in one of my next few blog posts.

  13. artanishunterguide said,


    Really great that you’re keeping this going. It’s really inspired me with my own Hunter Guide. I love the amount of detail you go into about each pet.

    Feel free to contact me, my guides at:

    Best of luck with the future, hope you keep going and update with Wrath,

    Arty – Artanis

  14. Degronch said,

    Ok, one question I have been unable to find a difinitive answer for;

    If for example, I have a pet that does not naturally have BITE and I go tame/train a pet that does and aquire BITE rank 1 for example, must I continually train other beasts that have Bite Rank 2, Rank 3 and so on, all the way to endgame? Or, will I automatically gain the higher ranks as my pet levels?

    Obviuosly this question applies to all active pet skills> For me and for others new to the Hunter class, it is important to know as with only 3 pet slots, keeping one slot open for constant taming/training all the way to endgame must be taken into consideration.

    Spending hours to get rare pets and then realizing you have to abandon one to go tame/train another beast, only to improve the rank of the skill you already have is a real downer!

    If this is indeed the case then really you only should have 2 pets keeping the 3rd slot open for continual taming and training!

  15. Znodis said,

    That’s exactly correct. Right now, you basically have to keep one of your stable slots open so that you can learn new ranks of abilities. That bit of craziness was balanced against the basic impossibility of keeping 3 pets while leveling. Fortunately, this is all being changed in WotLK. Pets will automatically know their non-talent abilities and those abilities will auto level with the pet.

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