Crocolisk Review

Crocolisk – Barbscale Crocolisk (69)

Overall Rank: 22/23 – Not Recommended

Name: Asthmatic
DPS: 134.0/148.8
HP: 5925
Armor: 11800
Damage reduction: 52.78%
Skills: Bite
Solo: (C-) I went looking for a way to rename my Frost Trap since it was more useful.
Instance: (D+) Lower DPS and HP in exchange for minimal armor.
BG: (D+) People seem to react to a croc munching on them despite reduced damage.
Arena:(D+) Nom, nom, nom … Wait. Why is a croc low DPS?

So, you’re interested in crocolisks eh? G’day mate. Well, they’re not great pets. Reduced DPS, no focus dump, and reduced HP for a 1.5% armor mitigation is not really worth it. I had tamed one as I leveled way back when I was in the high 40s in 2005. I was going to eventually get a turtle too and be the ‘high armor’ hunter. The problem was crocs make a huffing breathing sound pretty much every time they return to your side.

I first thought it was interesting and interesting character trait and named him ‘Asthmatic.’ Then it got to be annoying. Then I turned off my speakers. Then I realized I’d rather not have to turn off my speakers because of my choice of pet, and abandon him.

This second time around I found it to be much less annoying. I dunno why. I think they also changed the run animation somehow because it doesn’t seem as frantic anymore. I liked the look of having a croc and maybe threat is a bit wonky at the moment, but he actually seemed to hold agro if I waited a few beats.

They’re really not instance or PvP pets due to the low DPS and lack of focus dump, and honestly all the skins seem to look the same. I landed in the wetlands and had a little run with the croc dismissed. As I went along I thought, ‘hey, I didn’t know they had white crocs here’ and used call pet. Now I saw the difference, but not much. Your choice is white/green, green/green, yellow/green, or green/blue.



  1. xK said,

    It’s a shame. They (Blizzard) really need to fix the crocolisk. I remember when I was about level 25i-sh and I tamed one. It less hp than a raptor and did little damage and almost always died.

  2. Myth said,

    whats this thing about crocks not having a focus dump? what is bite then? shame they have low dmg thou :(

  3. Znodis said,

    A focus dump is an ability with 0 cooldown other than the global one. This means that as soon as the pet gets focus it’s used up. This is a good thing based on the principle of leftover focus is damage left undone. Since bite has a 8s cooldown currently, crocs do not use focus effectively.

  4. Mishas said,

    Used a croc from 18-70 on my new dinged hunter. Mostly cause I’m abit of an rp player and thought it was characteristic probably tho :P

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