Ravager Review

Ravager – Nethermine Ravager

Overall Rank: 1/23 – Recommended

Name: Ugg
DPS: 147.4/163.7
HP: 5800
Armor: 11400
Damage reduction: 51.92%
Skills: Gore, Bite, Dash
Solo: (A-) The high DPS really helps hold agro. Things just die.
Instance: (A+) Nice DPS for 5-mans or raiding. The increased crit chance of gore means FI is guaranteed to never go down.
BG: (A+) Crit, Crit, Crit. He came so fast and hit so hard I watched more than a few casters ignore me and go for my pet (especially out of shadowmeld).
Arena:(A-) Lower HP than a cat, but then they’re probably not going to target it except to CC. Really nice to see a series of crits on a squishy.

As a hunter, damage is king and the ravager brings it. I definitely recommend ravagers over cats for raiding, since gore is slightly better damage and, more importantly, procs both FI and Frenzy more often. The huge crit chance of gore means you only need 3/5 in Frenzy and can (if you’re cookie cutter BM) put a point in Catlike Reflexes for bonus to dodge.

For PvP, the crits are also nice. I saw more than a few squishies ignore me and target Ugg, which is always a nice advantage. Another thing is I saw a few hordies turn and avoid me since ravager often means raider, which definitely didn’t ever happen on my crab (which just screams casual).

IMO, there are 2 reasons not to take a ravager. The first if you value utility over DPS, go ahead and take another pet. I would caution that if you’re already specced for utility, you probably don’t need more and should take a pet to make up for your lower DPS. If you’re already specced to the 9s for DPS, it might be preferable to take a more utility pet. The second is they’re butt-ugly. I’ve repeatedly looked over all of the models on petopia, and you can take the green ugly thing, the orange ugly thing, or the purple ugly thing, but it’s still and ugly thing.



  1. Cru said,

    The only thing i dont like about this pet is that a Boar still holds aggro better even when 5 levels lower. The dps is great but as said they arent as easy to look at as the windserpant. I want them to just give us either a dashing bear or a boar post bc that can be tamed…i guess dont fix what isnt broken till you fix the nerf you put on our pets at least (leaning more on the bear upgrade :P )

  2. Chainsawhero said,

    The windserpent’s lightning breath still makes the wind serpent do more damage overall if you wire the LB macro into ALL your damage abilities and start spamming keys.
    Not just the usual steady shot macro, but make a macro for arcane shot, multi-shot, aimed shot, etc.

    #showtooltip Arcane Shot
    /script UIErrorsFrame:Hide()
    /cast Arcane Shot
    /cast [target=pettarget,exists] Lightning Breath
    /script UIErrorsFrame:Clear(); UIErrorsFrame:Show()

    This macro also disables error messages while spamming the key, which would otherwise be quite annoying.

  3. Chainsawhero said,

    oh and disable autocast

  4. WaltherPPK said,

    Can we confirm that the 50% chance of double on gore is additional crit chance and procs FI and frenzy? The comments on the main page, “Guide 2: Pet Family Review,” seem to indicate otherwise. Thank you!

  5. Ffaelan said,

    hmm looked at one way ravagers look like vicious bananas with teeth on the top end and legs on the on the other ^^

  6. deathsherald said,

    why is it that ravagers are better than cats? you never slipped that in either your cat or ravager reviews and im just curious. i dont know what pet to take and every review i read contradicts every other review i’ve read. i want something that can hold aggro but most of all, i just want them to die. also, im a Marks.

  7. Znodis said,

    I don’t know your level or playstyle, but in a soloing situation, screech is actually the best with extra threat generated by the debuff. And I would recommend those pets if you’re below level 70, since there are both ravagers and cats tamable at the level cap.

    It really seemed like ravagers dealt more damage than cats (or raptors) by a lot, but I couldn’t prove it. I can show that gore is better DPS than claw if GftT is maxed out.

    claw: (65×1.15) =~ 75 per use => 50 DPS
    gore: ((49×1.5)x1.15) =~ 85 per use => 56.67 DPS

    Six DPS dosen’t account for what seemed to happen for me, but then maybe that’s all it takes.

    If you can get above 30% crit Lightning Breath actually starts dealing better damage. If you’re looking for an arena pet neither cats nor ravagers are best, you want a scorpid.

    Check the grades I give for each pet to see what pet you want in a particular situation.

  8. deathsherald said,

    ok, thank you. i have found this guide much more useful compared to others that just go back and forth and dont really say anything. thanks again.

  9. Anonymous said,

    This pet i awesomeness :O
    I use it on my lvl 32 hunter… The only problem is that i cant upgrade my gore or bite :S
    It is kinda stuck at rank 2
    And if i should get a new of these guys ill have to wait for the ones in outland :(
    Im using one of those from the Azuremist isle ^^

  10. Scott said,

    Ravager’s truly are ugly-and-not-in-a-brutally-cool-sort-of-way; they are original looking but couldn’t they give them a more beastial face structure instead of an orc face? Plus there is something about their look that just seems… non-functional. Feeble/spindly little undercarriage, a big upright (ahem) spike that looks like it would impale them if they tried lunging at something down at ground level, no place for a working digestive system (I guess their stomaches are in their “throat”?), etc etc. Meh. Here’s hoping for a last minute overhaul in WotLK…

  11. Skyhuntie said,

    I’ve had a ravager until level.. 67 where I got my cat, Simon. I have used both my cat and my ravager for raids and I found out that even though my ravager is lots better for 5-man instances, the cat with all the buffs and etc DISHES OUT SO MUCH damage in raids that it totally eclipsed the ravager.

    My judgement goes for cat > ravager

    And they’re prettier :P

  12. dexx said,

    A ravager in the wild does that funny flip manouver when attacking. I’ve never seen a ravager do this after being tamed. The animation goes a long way towards making these pets more attractive. Is this a bug, am I just missing it or is it here to stay?

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