Owl Review

Owl – Avian Darkhawk

Overall Rank: 4/23 – Recommended

Name: Axiom
DPS: 143.4/159.2
HP: 6237
Armor: 11000
Damage reduction: 51.03%
Skills: Claw, Screech, Dive
Solo: (A+) Screech – Agro magnet for AoE pulls. If focus was 100, he never lost agro even going full out. (Turn claw off)
Instance: (B) Flapping can annoy tanks/melee and anyone else that’s not using portraits or keyboard to target. Good damage overall though.
BG: (A-) Hard not to target and annoying
Arena:(A-) Flapping in your face!

I actually had to reduce other pet’s solo grades to make this one superior. I have another hunter where an owl is his main pet and used claw on solo pulls (most of the time) and screech on AoE, but that’s going to change. Dive, growl, screech, screech, screech. I could go full out as soon as the growl hit. If you know you’re going to have multiple mobs, wait on screech until all of them are in range. Max rank mend pet still didn’t pull agro on the mobs. I did still run into problems when the adds came later in the fight. I should also note that either claw and screech should be used exclusively. Trying to use both at the same time will result in quite a bit less threat / damage generation.

The flying animation is definitely a pro/con thing. For PvP, it’s great because it gets in your opponent’s way, for everything else it’s annoying because it gets in your way. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve clicked on Axiom instead of the mob, the vendor, the mailbox, or the horde killing me. The stay command is your friend.

In arenas where your pet is mainly there to annoy (if you’re a serious gladiator you’re not BM right now), I can recommend this highly. The increased annoyance is worth the small DPS drop from a ravager or raptor. I would stable it as soon as it’s time to do something else though. An additional annoyance was screech’s sound. I found myself turing off sound effects while it was on auto-cast.



  1. Reipan said,

    I just wanted to know if screech is considered a “magic attack”, I.E. does it benefit from spell power increase like lightning breath

  2. Znodis said,

    No. Screech is a physical attack with a debuff.

  3. Grodash said,

    You forgot to mention that Screech stacks with Demoralizing Shout, thus helping the tank take less damage.

  4. Aerroenu said,

    I actually got an owl and a ravager on my tauren hunter the instant I could tame beasts. Even though both pets may be off by a level or so, my owl seems to kill a bit faster and tank better than my ravager (despite it having only Claw 2 and Growl 2 vs. the ravager’s Bite 2, Gore 2, and Growl 2).

    It also seems to fly to the target faster than my ravager. (o_O) Guess I’ll have to play my hunter a wee bit more. Can’t wait for Screech.

  5. Windryder said,

    For solo hunting / leveling Owl is king hands down. They hold aggro better than any other pet I’ve tried. They are still considered a High DPS style pet and will pull their weight in damage, with the addition of screech to pick up any stragglers around.

  6. Bullmanz said,

    lol, im actually doing this kind of reasearch too lol, but what i found out was totaly different,
    u have placed wolf on the list do not reccomend, i reccomend wolfes, they are good for evrything, they arent best in evrything but they do PVE, and for hunter who would like to have only 1 pet too use on evrything a pet who u can ” love” then wolf is the best choice,
    Thats what i think,

    Now i got a owl too, when i get lvl 56 im gonna get a cat

  7. Helgaar said,

    As a recent returning player to WoW (left pre BC), I was so disappointed in the nerfs to my pets. On all my hunters, I ran with Broken Tooth with the 1.0 speed and a Razor Fen boar for tanking. They were a great pair. Now….. sigh….. I return to a boar not worth turning into bacon and the cat not nearly as effective as she once was. I had alway snickered at hunters using bats or owls. After reading your comments here, I had to give one a try. I grabbed Olm and I haven’t looked back. I kept Broken Tooth more for sentimentality than anything else. This owl is supreme in solo work and I doubt if I’d ever move away from it as my main. I’ll tinker around with the ravager and cat, but any other pet will be for specific circumstances and not general use. Thank you for your hard work doing this site.

  8. Tygrra said,

    Having just hit the big seven-oh, my mainly-MM hunter is now doing battlegrounds more or less exclusively. The owl has proven to be a fantastic pet time after time. With quick strikes (Dive), debuffs (Screech) and the wonderful difficulty in them being targetted, I find that I am regularly in the top 10 damage causers, even with only having blue and green equipment (no epics yet). [Having all of my major attacks bound to the mouse wheel (and using ctrl & shift to vary the commands) certainly helps improve the DPS on this!]

    I’ve also found out that a well-placed Viper Trap has proven to be much more effective than using Frost Trap in tackling things like those nasty irritating rogues!!

  9. Tygrra said,

    Further to my earlier post… I was actually quite concerned when I read about the pet changes when WotLK comes in. I think that the current pet skill that the owl has (Screech) is superb for pvp and I didn’t want to lose it…

    …however, I then read that owls should get a weapon snatching ability under the proposed changes… mmmm-hmmm, how good would that be in PvP?!? :-D

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