Know a rumor? Heard something outrageous, but don’t know if you believe it? Have a question? Is some huntard talking out of his posterior?

Ask them here and I’ll try to find evidence for or against.

Think I’m wrong? Post evidence (not opinion) in the comments. Any ‘advice’ without supporting evidence in the comments will be moved here in the future.

If you start with a lower level pet, they will have better stats at 70.

– Status: FALSE

  • All pets of the same family will have the same stats at each level, with the exception of ‘caster stats.’

If you start with a lower level pet, they will appear larger at 70.

-Status: FALSE

  • All pets of the same family will have the same size at each level. The size does increase incrementally at each level, but it is usually not noticeable.

Pet size: “In the cases of Crocolisks, their length and (possibly) height are exactly the same as their wild counterparts (as far as I can tell)”

– Status: FALSE (4/24/08)

  • When you tame a beast, the pet will decrease in size, and will be smaller than a wild beast of the same level. The size does increase incrementally at each level, but it is usually not noticeable.



The person who posted this was probably alluding to this bug.

“Patting (/pat) and hugging (/hug) your pet seems to increase loyalty faster.”

– Status: FALSE (4/24/08)

  • I added a /pat and /hug to my /petattack macro and still hit loyalty 2 at ~62K exp.

“Naming your pet also helps increase loyalty.”

– Status: FALSE (4/24/08)

  • I usually name my pets right away and they hit loyalty 2 at ~62K exp, so I tamed a new on and didn’t name it. It still gained loyalty 2 at ~62K exp

You get more training points if you start with a lower level pet.

– Status: FALSE

  • Training points are based on the formula: (<Loyalty Level> -1) * <Pet Level> With a level 70 cap the maximum training points will always be 350.

You get more training points if a pet starts with a skill.

-Status: FALSE

  • A pet with an ability starts with a negative number of training points equal to the skill’s cost.

“About the pets not gaining XP, their loyalty level has to be at 3 or better.”

– Status: FALSE (4/5/08)

  • I tamed a new pet, killed something, and got exp. Don’t know what the guy who said this was doing…

Repeatedly feeding your pet when they cannot gain any more happiness (force feeding) helps gain loyalty.

-Status: FALSE (4/24/08)

  • I fed my pet 2-3x what I normally do. Rather than taking the normal ~10 food to go gain one loyalty, I used ~30. Still hit loyalty 2 at ~62K exp.

Using the stay command(CTRL-3) and walking as far away as you can from them, allows you to dismiss without losing the 50 happiness.

-Status: TRUE (3/27/08)

  • I ran a straight path for 80 seconds. I summoned, put the pet on stay, and kept running until the pet disappeared 5 times. Total happiness lost ~24. I then summoned and dismissed pet 5 times and waited until 80 seconds expired. Total happiness lost ~290.


  1. Chris said,

    In one case (that I’ve tested) the pet will grow larger after a tame: Level 2 Mangy Nightsabers in Teldrassil grow to the minimum cat size.

    Also, before pet stats and training were normalized, many of the tamable beasts below level 10 had sub-par skills or stats. Mazzranache, for instance, was one of the slowest moving pets. On the other hand, some pets had surprising abilities (in ten trials, Takk the Leaper beat King Bangalash in races outside Grom’gol). I miss the days of unique pets.

  2. falcon said,

    I have hear rumor that if your pet only uses growl it can hold aggro better. Is this true?

  3. Znodis said,

    There’s some bugginess going on with growl right now where some abilities randomly prevent growl from casting, so it’s hard to say if what you’re hearing about is really just a ‘fix’ for that.

    Growl generates much more threat than any other pet ability. If you have a focus dump ability on auto cast, there’s a good chance that when growl’s cooldown is done there isn’t any focus immediately available to cast it, so it has to wait for a crit or the next tic. Longer time between growls means less agro. The delay between the end of the cooldown and the cast can greatly affect threat generation, but the question is “Is it worth it to leave focus dumps on?”

    Yes, generally. Those abilities also generate threat from damage which will make up for any delay.

    Unless you’re running into the bug, in which case it would be better to turn them off until Bliz fixes it.

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