MM Update

March 4, 2009 at 9:01 pm (World of Warcraft)

I’ve been meaning to update my marksman experience much more often, but for now I can say this: I like it.

It still doesn’t feel like home, but I like it. I think the thing I’m enjoying the most is the selection of shots I can hit at any given time.  Just a few months ago, I was a single button presser, and now I’m paying attention again.  Aimed shot is off CD but so is Chimera, oh wait, Serpent Sting fell off.  Most fights I never get around to even trying a Steady shot.  I was a bit worried about mana efficiency since as a BM I found myself in AotV mode way more than I ‘d like, but MM does so much damage that I never have it on for more than 2 fights (unless I forget).

I should also mention that if you want to try MM you shouldn’t just copy my spec from the armory.  I made a few mistakes and haven’t bothered to respec yet.

I’d say that my only criticism is pet agro which is to be expected when I’m putting out 3-4x the DPS of my pet.  I can’t say how bad it really is right now though seeing as I’ve been leveling up pets rather than using a 80 (Frothy is 79 almost 80!).  The interesting thing about it is to compensate, you have to basically reverse what you’d do for max damage while also trying to minimize mana used.  For instance, Chimera with Serpent applied is my highest damaging ability, but if I open with that, I’m sure to pull agro immediately.  So instead, I hold off until agro has already been pulled to release Chimera… maybe.  The mob may already be below 20% in which case Kill shot is not only more mana efficient, but higher damage.  If the mob is at 25%, Chimera will certainly kill it, but maybe its better to just hit Arcane instead and then melee for the last 500hp.

In short, shot choice not only depends on cooldown and mana, but also on the condition of the mob itself while soloing.  It’s a really different mind set.  Next post I’m go into the different shots and when/how to use them.  Prepare for the maths.

I’ve also had 2 major changes since the last post.  First is that I finally brokedown and traded in my 93DPS bow for a N4K despite my hatred of guns.  I somehow added 55 WHITE DPS to my character sheet and the difference really shows in a fight.

The second is that I’ve joined a guild.  They were recruiting back in January before I hit 80, and sounded like a perfect fit.  As the recruiter put it:

We’re  a guild of mature players mostly running 10-mans, who have real lives outside the game.  That means when we actually get around do doing something we expect everyone to bring their A-game.  We run 10-mans and heroics as a guild, but have a guild alliance to run 25s when the stars align.

As an initiate, I’m not a regular raider, but so far its a great fit.  I’ve done 2 25-mans and 3-4 heroics both on Wnodis and Znodis.  No loot to speak of, but been really fun to just see everything.  If I get a 2nd invite to Naxx I think I’ll respec BM just to get a comparison.


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