Serpent Review

Serpent – Coilskar Cobra (68)

Overall Rank: 18/23 – Not Recommended

Name: Kite
DPS: 134.0/148.8
HP: 6237
Armor: 11000
Damage reduction: 51.03%
Skills: Poison Spit, Bite
Solo: (C+) I liked the uniqueness of poison spit, but not useful enough.
Instance: (D) Meh. Will get you through, but many better choices.
BG: (D-) No dash, no DPS, no good.
Arena:(C) Poison spit is at least poison so it can minimally reduce Viper from being cleansed. Doing it from ranged is nice as well.

I’ll restate what I said in my blog post while testing this pet. Serpents are Windserpents-lite. You want ranged ability for pulling? They both have it, but Windserpents give you more initial threat. Want DPS? Windserpents’ are higher DPS. Want a movement ability? None for serpents, while windserpents get dive. The only reason to take serpents over windserpents is their looks, but if you’re taking a pet on looks, you should just be browsing petopia.

But looks they have. I do wish they were a bit more varied, but I found most of the models pleasing. The idle animation and sound effects are a nice change of pace as well. Poison spit is a nice ability, but like many others it just doesn’t cut it. 8s DoT on a 10s cooldown would be a nice bonus damage if it had a focus dump as well. In fact if it did, I’d take it over scorpids for soloing. Also, as magic based damage it scales with RAP.

The only other thing to say is that since Scorpid Poison is a ranged attack, it suffers from the same ‘going to range’ issue that Lightning Breath does. However, even that is worse. The LB fix is to add to your shot rotation macro a line to force it to cast when it’s ready. When I did this for Poison Spit, rather than casting, it would cause it to stop moving away, face the target, and then turn around and try to get to ranged again. It ended up stuttering in place repeatedly until the mob was at a ranged distance. I found that if I stopped spamming the macro for a bit (a couple seconds), the ability would go through as if there was a short cast time on it, but then I’m delaying my main DPS for a weak DoT. In the end it’s an annoyance that can easily be avoided by taking a better pet.



  1. roflhunter said,

    this pet has to have the coolest swiming animation, and fangs out biting melee animation is fansatic, big hug to the person that created this model and its animation. and a big slap in the face to who ever programed such horible dps/stats/abilitys. I just wish it had dash, and a melee dps poison. dont know if it can learn bit never tryed. got board having to melee mobs and people skip me for raids due to pet dps. so i got a ravager. such a pitty on a nice pet, really wish they made all pet a viable hunter pet and not just something to nice to look at. i.e. sporebats… come on -.- totaly awsome pet in looks but compleetly useless.

  2. Fairhuntress said,

    I have one of these and is the best pet I have had. In BG it will harass any opposing player – and they hate it – leaving me totally alone while they try to handle the poison spit. In PVE it matches my style of playing, pulling mobs into my range. Its DPS may not be brilliant, but mine is. Mainly it is the PVP side, people hate this enormous, (I am a night elf and the cobra is taller than I am) snake slithering after them. I love him to bits. Small point, he has the same food requirements as a cat so feeding him is easy too – a few minutes fishing gives him his day’s requirements, sporeling snacks up his health by 200 and he is much admired :)

  3. Scott said,

    I pretty much agree about this one – for typical scenarios almost any pet is better than a serpent.

    However there is one thing serpents can be nice for – surv builds with resourceful traps who’d like their high dmg/low mana traps to be more a part of their regular combat. My NE is a BM/SV build; probably she would be more effective if she dropped SV but for some reason I just can’t seem to quit the resourceful traps 3/3, so this seemed like the best accommodation I could make.

    Not only are serpents one of the very few pets that pull the mob to *them*, IIRC they also have the longest range at 30 (?) yards. This means a serpent is going to bring the mob closest to you*, so if you are a “trap hunter”, it will result in the minimum amount of walking, i.e. you pretty much just take a step forward, drop a trap, and then back off 5 yards and start shooting (the shortened dead zone is a nice plus for this).

    *Yes wind serpents still rate even in this wacky playstyle, however you’ll have more walking to do to get close enough for a trap (20 yard range + dive means the wind serpent is going to meet the mob approx halfway).

  4. Harod said,

    I have to say. I have one of these. (The cool black one.) And it is extremely useful in pvp.
    Rogues always target this first because before they finish it or me they can not restealth.
    So in pvp I honestly think Serpents DoT > Windserpents lightning burst dmg.

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