Nether Ray Review

Nether Ray – Coilfang Ray (64)

Overall Rank: 14/23 – Not Recommended

Name: Rajidae
DPS: 138.0/153.3
HP: 6861
Armor: 10201
Damage reduction: 49.14%
Skills: Bite, Dive
Solo: (C+) No focus dump to hold agro, but slight DPS boost is nice.
Instance: (B-) Extra HP of this extent dose make a difference.
BG: (B-) You got Dash, high HP, and a bit of DPS. Not bad at all. No focus dump is not good either.
Arena:(C+) Nothing special here.

There is only one skin for Nether Rays that does not have caster stats and all of them are found in Underbog instances, so if you want one of these you have your work cut out for you. Make sure your group knows what you’re doing before you go to tame one, and is ok with it.

So what do you get for your effort? The highest HP pet in the game, some extra DPS, and Dash. You’re currently still missing a focus dump but those 3 things go a long way. Normally, I don’t hit mend pet until my pet gets below 2000-2500 HP, and starting a mere 600 HP higher seemed to make this much less frequently, and also meant 1-2 more hits if I wasn’t paying attention to adds.

Agro was still an issue. I was consistently meleeing mobs at 50% health. I got pretty good at kiting, but that’s not what I’m looking for in a soloist pet. For instances, this pet could make a decent OT, but agro generation isn’t there.

There’s no flappiness to annoy in PvP and he actually seemed a bit small compared to some of the other 70 pets. Dash can help a bit again, but DPS doesn’t match up.

Fans of Ravagers may enjoy their looks, but I didn’t care for them very much. You’re also limited in your selection to one skin unless you don’t mind caster stats. I would have liked one of those red ones in SMV.



  1. None said,

    I have been playing a level 70 troll hunter for nearly a year now and ever since level 64 I’ve had this Nether Ray, which you can get from Slave Pens with no caster stats, not just Underbog. This is the only pet i have, use and have used since hitting level 64 and i have to say that it ‘s looks are good enough for me. I don’t see much of a difference with other pets, just less health and maybe a fancy skill or two but, I personally believe that a Nether Ray is the best pet int he game…just because it is the most worthwhile to follow me around. I get tons of comments, questions and people seem impressed by how unique it is. So, I’m basically saying i think a 13/23 is a little harsh since it’s uniqueness strongly makes up for these incredibly small faults you list.

  2. Znodis said,

    Just to be clear here the 13/23 is not a rating (like a A, B, or F) it is a ranking. That means there are 12 pet families that do not have the faults of Nether Rays, whether they are small or large.

  3. Flak said,

    You have issues w/ aggro? Teach it growl for pete’s sake. I’ve got one @ 70 and i can usually start shooting a mob @ 95% health and never have it aggro me.

  4. Znodis said,

    Any pet can hold agro if you give it a sufficient head start. Heck, ANY pet can get you from 10-70 without any issue really. However, with many of the ‘recommended’ pets I didn’t have to hold off. Hence, this pet not being recommended.

  5. Flak said,

    Ahh. xD. now i really dont give much of a head start anymore since i’ve converted to marksman. I guess it all depends on the hunter. w/ marksman, u give a bit of a head start before opening fire cuz u can literally pull it down to 10% in a matter of 3 shots if ur lucky.

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