Gorilla Review

Gorilla – Un’goro Thunderer (53)

Overall Rank: 17/23 – Not Recommended

Name: Stubborn Monkey
DPS: 136.7/151.8
HP: 6486
Armor: 11000
Damage reduction: 51.03%
Skills: Bite, Thunderstomp
Solo: (C+) Thunderstomp works just the way you want it to on auto-cast.  Slight boost to DPS, but no focus dump.
Instance: (D+) TS can break CC (including your own traps), DPS isn’t very high compared to those with focus dumps.
BG: (D+) Meh.
Arena:(D+) Nothing special here.  Rare enough that some people may think TS slows attacks like the warrior ability.  Counting on people’s ignorance probably isn’t a reliable tactic.

Back when SV was the melee tree, I think I would have gone for a gorilla.  Having one around made me feel like a loan shark and his muscle.  Those days are long gone though.

Thunderstomp is the signature ability of gorillas and going into this I didn’t think much of it.  TS didn’t seem like that great of a deal unless multiple enemies were around, and if I get an add, I’m thinking freeze trap not deal a slight amount of damage.  Luckily the auto-cast only triggers TS when there’s a second enemy, which happens infrequently enough for me that rarely was the cooldown in effect when it would have been cast.  Actually, since there is not currently a focus dump, I would probably have preferred that TS be cast the next opportunity after the CD was up.  Anyway…

In raids and instances be sure TS is turned off.  It breaks CC including traps.  They’re also a bit bulky and can cause your melee friends not to like you if they’re prone to click-targeting.  The impact on BG and Arena play were minimal.  Again be watching for other players’ CC before turning TS on.  The annoyance you’ll cause your team really isn’t worth the extra attack.

For looks, sounds, and animations they did a great job.  In fact I found watching my gorilla pounding on an opponent to be quite enjoyable.

PS: The name is a translation from Donkey Kong.  Nintendo originally called the game Stubborn Monkey, but through the magic of translation: Subborn => Donkey and Monkey => Kong.



  1. Corrado said,

    I agree with your statement that Gorillas are a prime example of why pet mechanics have to change. I have had U’cha from Un’Goro Crater since the day my hunter hit 54 (or whatever level he is) and leveled through Outland with him. Friends call him a vanity pet, and I can definitely see their point… but he is far from the worst pet out there. I’ve had him in Karazhan, off-tanking on Moroes, etc. He’s not great, but dammit, I love the little guy. My cat and bat have since taken over for much of my DPS and BG-harrassing, respectively, but I still take my Gorilla out for doing my dailies.

    I was looking forward to seeing how you’d rate Gorillas; they faired about as well as I expected. But for aesthetics and the overall fun of being a “pet” class, they’re great for hunters in WoW. I’ve even had people in Orgrimmar say that he and my Orc Hunter are brothers. ^_^ Take that for what it’s worth, I guess.

  2. Emira said,

    I ran with a gorilla in the lvl 50’s BGs, mostly because he was high health and I was told stamina was the way to go for PvP (oh what a noob I was way back when). I was never really geared well for PvP, but I had fun getting into large group battles such as AV and generally annoying the enemy forces.

    The very best thing the old gorilla was used for was to cause panic and havoc among those clumps of squishies hiding behind enemy lines during a massive and busy bottleneck battle. Send him into the crowd, trigger TS at the right time, and the whole gaggle of mages/priests/warlocks/whatevers run screeching in all directions. ^_^ It made for a great spell/heal interrupt, even if it might not have been the conventional use. The sheer OMG factor worked, if nothing else. And it was just hella funny to see a whole flock of enemy players running from my silly monkey like Thunderstomp was a Fear effect–repeatedly.

    There. That’s one thing a gorilla’s good for. :)

  3. icedtrip said,

    I trained Uhk’loc awhile back. Actually I camped for him for awhile too. Is he a vanity pet? Yes, but that is why I wanted him.

    I had leveled the entire game with a Snow Leopard from level 10. Although there are many Ghostsabers around, there are no high level Snow Leopards, so I figured it would be a little rare to have a level 70 one(only 7 more levels to go).

    Anyway, I got the gorilla for the looks and I wanted the white one, thus Uhk’loc (now known as Mogwai). I love the guy. In all my adventuring, I have never seen anyone else with him. For BG, I take my Snow Leopard, but for questing, grinding, dailies, Mogwai is along for the ride. His look and animations are priceless.

  4. Dweezill said,

    Just tames Uhk’Lok yesterday, and I have to say that he is a pain to get his loyalty up. I used him for HOURS and he is still only Level 3 (Submissive) When wrath comes out, Gorillas should gte better, but for now, i will keep my gorilla. I actually like TS for soloing though. Have him run to a few mobs and hit TS, and he holds the aggro of all the mobs. So,I do like his aggro holdig ability. Some kind of charge would be realy nice for him. Don’t plan on using him for anything but PvE, but I may give him a go sometime once I start battlegrounding again.

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