Cat Review

Cat – Blackwind Sabercat

Overall Rank: 2/23 – Recommended

Name: PuddyTat
DPS: 147.4/163.7
HP: 6112
Armor: 11000
Damage reduction: 51.03%
Skills: Prowl, Claw, Bite, Dash
Solo: (A) The high DPS really helps hold agro. Prowl is nice for initial agro.
Instance: (A) Nice DPS for 5-mans or raiding. Can agro from a squishy in a pinch. Essentially the same as a raptor with a touch more health.
BG: (A) Getting there is half the battle against CC. Dash and Prowl are 2 good tools for this.
Arena:(A) Prowl helps to initially get your cat to it’s target before it can be CC’ed. I hold off Dash until target #2. Higher HP than raptor pushes it even further.

Prowl is the defining ability of the cats, and really makes it play different from the raptor. Gaining 200HP for .5% damage reduction lost favors the cat as well. Dash pretty much cancels out the slowing effect of Prowl so put 2 and 2 together. For PvE, where stealth doesn’t matter much (you could just as well dismiss and recall), it’s an extra strong bite which helps establish agro. Since prowl can be used well before sending to attack, it’s also essentially free.

On the flip-side, a hunter without a pet is a target on a PvP server, so it might be better to macro Prowl to your pet attack so that it’s visibly by your side until you send it. Of course if you’re into giving your opponents surprises, a prowled cat gaining BW will make you smile. If you’re a Night Elf, Shadowmeld and Prowl are great for ganking, and for a bit more recovery time from being ganked.

If you’re raiding, trade the one-time use of prowl for the repeated use of bite. It’s better damage / focus than claw so it should be on auto-cast. You don’t need stealth. You don’t need initial agro. You don’t need prowl.

Last note is that I was initially unattached to my cat. That is until he got Prowl, and suddenly there was personality. Pretty much every AV match I did had at least one other hunter with the exact same cat as mine, yet I still felt him to be unique. However, there are so many models to choose from, go find your own unique one. So join the majority of hunters that have cats, just be careful if you start talking in 3rd person plurals.


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  1. Mienja said,

    I love your site, super job! As for Cats, besides the windserpent, are my favorite for keeping the mob off of me. I raid in Kara ALOT and as an off-offtanker, my pet keeping agro is KEY. My favorite cats so far….Mangy Nightsaber, YES the lv2 from the Night Elf starting zone, and I have Sian Rotam in my stable currently. I’ve always regretted having to let my mangy one go, he was the BEST, bar none, at holding agro, and I had him to lv65 when I released him back into the wilds. In pvp, the enemy HATES SianRotam. He is a monster of a cat and very intimidating, I wish tho they would keep at least the silver dragon around him since he IS an elite when you go to tame him. And being an Alliance to have him is even more special as it requires a Horde player to spawn his mate, which in turn spawns Sian Rotam. The only animal that has come close to the damage, agro holding and enemy pindown, is my Windserpent.

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