Hyena Review

Hyena – Snickerfang Hyena (50)

Overall Rank: 20/23 – Not Recommended

Name: Licorice
DPS: 134.0/148.9
HP: 6237
Armor: 11400
Damage reduction: 51.92%
Skills: Bite, Dash
Solo: (C) They lose agro and then laugh at you.
Instance: (D+) Bring it and annoy others around you with their attack sound.
BG: (C+) Dash keeps it from being horrible.
Arena:(C-) Nothing special here.

Hyenas really are just wolves without Ferocious Howl.  In fact, before FH came out, there was quite a bit of debate as to whether wolves and hyenas were actually the same pet family.  With hyenas, you may lose in a ‘meh’ ability, but you gain loads of personality.  Very few hunters roll with hyenas, and those that do, usually take the SM hounds for some reason.  (Licorice was inspired by a friends SM hound named Jellybean.)  I like the animations of hyenas much better than their wolf counterparts, and in general, I liked their sound effects better.  The one exception is the ‘attack’ sound which can really get on your nerves after a while.

The rest is basically the same as wolves.  No focus dump meant hard soloing, and it doesn’t bring anything great to groups.  In PvP, there’s no utility beyond what any other pet would bring to make up for it’s lack of DPS.  At least things are looking up for WotLK.



  1. rockwal said,

    You mean furious howl, not ferocious inspiration, right?

  2. Znodis said,

    Yes, I did. Corrected.

  3. Makoes said,

    I am a stricked BM hunter (lv 70) and my companion is a SM Hyena (lv 70) (technically the ony “Unique” hyena skin). I find him to be an excellent solo buddy, holds aggro very well. He knows bite, growl, and dash. Training includes Stam & armor, ect, no resistances. he often off-tanks in instance runs and can take quite a bit of damage. (I am kinda passionate about hyena’s as hunter pets) I dont think enough people have given them enough of a chance before they toss em. I think one of the keys to making hunter pets work for each person is the type of training the pets are given (ie stat resistance, or stam, or cobra reflex, etc) as well as how much control you take with your pet.

    I’ve had several invites back for dungeon runs because my Hyena and I made a good impression. I often use growl and/or intimidate on several targets and get my hyena to kite them to the waiting freeze trap(s). that way when they unfreeze, the aggro’s still on my hyena, and not me or any squishies in the party. And I can stand back and shoot to my hearts content without taking the aggro away. Helps that my pet has 100% focus regen.

  4. Kargorok said,

    Things are def. looking up in Wotlk. Can’t wait to try Wasps out.

    Anyhow, i agree with Makoes. You dont give hyena’s enough credit. I switch on and off between a Shadowbat and SM hyena and i’ve got to say, the well balanced attributes do make it a worthwhile companion. All depends on the hunter i guess, but if you teach it the right skills and balance it out with good control of your pet, hyenas are great

  5. Fountainhead said,

    “if you teach it the right skills and balance it out with good control of your pet, hyenas are great”

    The thing is, you can do those things with pets that have more abilities and better stats too. I hope they balance the pets out more in expansion so we’re not all forced to get cats or ravagers.

  6. anna said,

    i have to dissarge with taht first sentance, since on my horde alt i got a heyna from tanis they are so cool they dont look like then want to kill you they look happy and smiley, he is strong that my cat that i have had since level ten i’m level 49 if ur wondering i canot give u exstact figgues but he can run into a grp of 5 gnolls at there base an animalte them all i’m not saying blah if u give them better skills they will be stronger… i’m saying there weak but they dont suck and there not that weak they may be without ferouis howl stat wise, but i’f you get one, you get so much more than a wolf ;p

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