Boar Review

Boar – Plagued Swine (60)

Overall Rank: 10/23 – Recommended

Name: Jayne Cobb
DPS: 120.6/133.9
HP: 6486
Armor: 11720
Damage reduction: 52.61%
Skills: Gore, Bite, Charge, Dash
Solo: (B) Good tanking stats, and Gore and Charge help overcome low DPS issues.
Instance: (B-) Charge can save a caster or it can randomly break CC. Beware.
BG: (B) I preferred Dash to Charge here, but both come in handy.  Note that Charge does not interrupt casters :(
Arena:(B-) Charge is nice against melee, and gets him to casters to start interrupts faster.

I wish I had tried the boar back when they were OP.  As they are now, there were a few moments where I thought I’d put them below crabs (one of my markers).  Gore can really make up for the lower DPS, but it really sucks when you get a string of non-double, non-crit hits.  It will happen, and you will pull agro when it does.  Then on the flip-side, you can get a crit on your first attack after charge the huge AP bonus followed by a double and crit Gore which can make your day.

I think of this as a gambler’s pet.

There was very little consistency to my pet.  One fight I’d crit like crazy and he’d hold agro fine, the next he’d lose agro with a single shot.  Charge was very nice for PvP, but I was surprised to see that Charge did not interrupt casters.  I found my self switching between using Charge and Dash quite a bit depending on circumstance, and didn’t miss having Bite at all.

With the highest level pig being an ugly level 60, I’d suggest taming one early.  There’s some cool armored ones in Razor Fen.  Sound effects were fine, but I really didn’t like having what looked like an undead pet. Let’s hope they have some nice ones in Northrend.



  1. Tinski said,

    i will not never leave my Nagra *hugs her* n__n

    Thank you for this <3

    Hehe..Blizz was like:

    “Ok guys, get new pet, ‘couse we nerfed pigs”
    “I got my ivory boar when i was 10! (at 24 she go a armor on her back ;3 ) All way up to 70! We have survived many battles and andventures. And now i have to dump her? Read my lips: I_DON’T_THINK_SO”

  2. batgrl said,

    I only really play my hunter to solo and enjoy myself, so the nerf to boars didn’t really spoil too much for me. And I’ve invested too much time and like the skin of the Rotting Agam’ar (the black one from Razor Fen) too much now that I’ve gotten him up to 66 to give up on the pig. But he’s stabled for now while I wait to see what Blizzard does next – I have hopes that with the talent tree he’ll make a nice tank.

    I too wish you’d tried the boar before the nerf, only to get another voice in the “hmm, what the heck did they do here” ponderings. It’s like suddenly having a new pet – it’s definitely not what I’d been used to playing with. You’re very right with the inconsistency call.

  3. Cru said,

    Its the Charge that counts the Gore just helps, if by chance you get a charge/gore combo then nothing will pull agro from it. I have been told by warriors and bear droods to turn off my charge and use dash cause they cant keep agro.

  4. Cusack said,

    I love my boar to death. Nerfed or not, I’m keeping mine. He’s saved my butt too many times to get rid of. He’s still a great tanking pet, and I can’t see my toon without her black armored boar walking by her side >< He stays, he’ll always be my favorite pet

  5. Adrellene said,

    I love Belle just got her, she was originally Bellygrub and love her, glad I got her after the nerf. :)

  6. dexx said,

    My thoughts:- we have 3 stable slots. 1 pvp, 1 pve and 1 cuz looking good is a full time job. My black/blue boar from RF fits that slot perfectly (named Jack after my favourite RL pet). There’s lots of times i’m running ppl through lower end stuff or just socializing around town so the nerfing he got is not that important. To me he is the best looking/animated pet in the game. I’m just surprised I don’t see too many around.

  7. brian said,

    well ive heard in the expansion they will make it so u can tame any lower level pet in the game and it will automatically jump to your level.. or close to it or somethin. . so im gonna be goin to rfk and gettin me a boar for the tanking tree =). so then ill have one pet for each of the 3 trees

  8. Drakes said,

    In WOTLK hunteres will have 5 pet, slots and as much as i love my boar i got to get a rhino for my tanking pet and they are so big its funny. There is also a item u can get that will let u summon a pet any where in the world its a item engineers will be able to make so you dont have to run back and forth to the stables to get out a differnt pet ever time :). That makes it hard for me cause i dont know which toon to lvl 80 first haha.

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