Bear Review

Bear – Rabid Shardtooth (60)

Overall Rank: 12/23 – Recommended

Name: Lopp
DPS: 122.0/135.5
HP: 6736
Armor: 11400
Damage reduction: 51.92%
Skills: Claw, Bite
Solo: (B-) High HP and a focus dump.  Still a bit low DPS.
Instance: (B-) Can be as annoying as a flier for getting in the way, but are more able to take a hit.
BG: (D+) Can cause issues with click targeting both for you and opponents in tight quarters.  No dash makes me sad.
Arena:(D) Meh.  Will do OK, but there are better pets.

Back when I was leveling, I was close to having a bear as a pet.  That is, until my NE hit the eastern kingdoms and every dwarf and his mother had one.  As one of the 2 pets with both HP and armor bonuses, they were favorites as tanking pets.

Since then, many changes have been made to pets, but none of them to bears.  No dash, no family ability, and they’re tied for the lowest DPS pet.  I came really close to putting them ahead of crabs in the listing since I think HP is more valuable than armor, but the lower of DPS drops it back again.  There definitely was less agro generation, at which point survivability is a moot point.  It wasn’t to the point of losing recommended status tho.

I really did like Lopp.  Movement and sound fit with my expectations and were fun to have beside me.  I don’t like the permanent snarl as with wolves, but it didn’t bother me as much this time around.  Just nice to have a bear next to me.



  1. Albinodwarf said,

    Took the named bear Mangeclaw as my pet from 10-60 on my old dwarf hunter… Seems like before everything else got their stats ramped up, bears were the final word in pet tanking.

  2. Omen said,

    back in the day when mend pet was a channeled spell instead of the HoT it is today, i tryed out a bear…

    has Lots of hp, but no dps or armor. there we where, bear would aggro well, but he soon was in need of a heal. i stop shooting to use my mana to heal him, i run out of mana, bear died. then soon there was a dead hunter.

    i /rofl at every hunter i see with a bear.

  3. Ticklemin said,

    bears now are tenacity, they have swipe. and they ave good armor and health. they kick ass.

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