Warp Stalker Review

Warp stalker – Blackwind Warp Chaser

Overall Rank: 9/23 – Recommended

Name: Mr. Sulu
DPS: 125.9/139.9
HP: 6237
Armor: 11400
Damage reduction: 51.92%
Skills: Claw, Bite, Warp
Solo: (B+) Can hold agro if you don’t chain crit. Warp is a great skill for PvE.
Instance: (B+) Low profile keeps it out of the way. Warp + intimidate can help save a squishy.
BG: (B-) The limited range of Warp shows, but it’s great when close. Not so great DPS.
Arena:(C+) Somewhat useful if you find yourself swapping targets a lot, but at the expense of DPS.

I am prepared to say that Warp Stalkers are the most underrated pet, though you can see their no where close the best. If you read the grades above, it should be obvious that Warp is the reason why. With only a 15s cooldown, it’s ready every fight, gets you instantly in combat for faster grinding, and lowers damage for fewer mend pets. I love this skill.

However, warp is not as great for PvP. With Dash you can target someone way off in the distance and off your pet goes with 15s of boosted speed. Warp requires your stalker to wiggle his way to within 30yds first. If everything is happening within 30yds of you (like at a flag) it’s not so bad.

The second issues comes when he does get into melee range. Low DPS. This isn’t so bad if you have higher crit like I did, since claw is an agro dump. However, holding agro is very dependent on this. I had a few fights where I pulled agro almost instantly, and well beyond his ability to regain. There were others where he got several thousand threat ahead.

Now to nitpick. I really didn’t like the animation so much. It seems to be the same as the crocolisk, moving it’s legs and tail too far, too fast. At least there was no horrible breathing sound. There’s also only 2 skins to choose from emerald or white. And watch out for caster stats. “Warp speed ahead Mr. Sulu!” Yes, I did make that /s macro.


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