Pet Introduction FAQ

Introduction to Hunter’s Pet:

When do I get a pet?

At level 10. There will be a hunter trainer, usually in the second town, that will give you a series of quests each called “Taming the Beast” to tame a beast with a taming rod. Once this is completed he will teach you 3 abilities: Tame Beast, Call Pet, and Dismiss Pet. He will then give you a follow up quest called “Training the Beast” which is to travel to your main city and see the hunter trainer there. After completing that quest you will learn three more abilities: Feed Pet, Revive Pet, and Beast Training.

How does tame beast work?

First you need to find a “Beast” that is your level or lower. You cannot tame a pet that is higher level than yourself. If you have a freeze trap, I suggest you lay it down between you the the beast. Now, click ‘tame beast’ from a distance. This will agro the beast and reduce your armor to 0. Taming will take 20 seconds, and you must have the beasts attention for the full 20 seconds. If you attack, drink a potion, or anything else this will break the taming and you’ll have to go another 20 seconds.

Some beasts do a knockdown attack which can also terminate the taming. My suggestion is lay a freeze trap right behind you, agro the beast, and let it attack you until it uses that attack, which typically only happens once a fight. Then quickly, down a health potion, and back up until it hit’s the trap. Now begin taming, and cross your fingers.

My pet shrank as soon as he was tamed! Lame. Why? Will he get bigger?

When beta testing players found that when they were high level and in a group, pets were so large they would do things like cover up the tank so that the healer couldn’t click on them. In response, Blizzard had them scale down when tamed. And yes, that makes level 10 pets really tiny.

Not to worry though. As your pet levels up, it will get bigger. However, they will never be as large as their wild counterparts at the same level.

How can I tell if a beast is tamable?

Until you get Beast Lore (which can lie), you really can’t tell in game. However there is this general rule: if it’s cool you can’t. Your best bet is to check out the petopia database. For now, here’s a quick list of things that you want to tame, but can’t: Kodo, Thunder Lizards, Zevra, Giraffe, Deer, Stags, Butterflies, Basilisks, Wyverns, Gryphons.

Dragons are not beasts. Don’t ask for dragon taming either, they are intelligent creatures in WoW lore that will gladly snack on your entrails while discussing the flaws of modern cuisine.

Also note, that ‘critters’ are not beasts. So although having a skunk or cockroach would be cool, you can’t do it.

What does Call Pet do?

After you’ve tamed a pet, you use this to bring it out after you’ve died, gone out of range of it, or dismissed it.

What does Dismiss Pet do?

This is used to put your pet away, which causes it to lose 50 happiness (we’ll discuss happiness next). For instance, you’ve climbed a tower and enemies have respawned below. If you just jump off, your pet many instead choose to go down the stairs and bring the enemies with it. Instead, dismiss your pet, jump, and then call it.

What does Feed Pet do?

So you’ve tamed your first pet, but you’ll notice a sad, red face Pet Unhappy next to the health/focus bars. This is your only clue to it’s happiness level, which in this case is unhappy. This means that it’s damage is reduced by 25%, causes your pet to lose loyalty (which you need for skill points), and if you do nothing it will eventually leave you and can no longer be called. There are 2 levels of happiness that are higher: yellow normal Neutral and green happy Happy Normal eliminates the damage reduction, and happy gives a 25% damage increase and causes your pet to gain loyalty. You want to keep your pet happy.

If you right click on the portrait of the pet, you will see an item called “pet info.” Left click it, and you will be in a new tab in the character window. You will again see the same happiness icon above your pets picture, but if you mouse over it, you will see a list of foods that your pet will eat: Bread, Cheese, Fish, Raw Fish, Fruit, Fungus, Meat, and/or Raw Meat.

Now, just find a vendor and buy some food that your pet will eat that’s appropriate for your level (the cheapest will do at least until level 16). Now click your ‘feed pet’ icon and then the food. Provied you haven’t changed the default chat settings you can switch over to the ‘combat’ tab and you should see messages saying:

____ gains the feed pet effect

____ gains 35 happiness

It’s a good idea to check this once in a while when your pet gains a level to see if you’re still using the right food.

Things to note:

  • Using food that’s too low will lower the amount of happiness gained.
  • Using food that’s higher, WILL NOT give your pet more happiness. 35 is the max.
  • Feeding your pet while it already has the feed pet effect will reset the effect and just wastes food.
  • Once your pet is ‘happy’ you do not need to feed it again. You may still gain happiness, but you will most likely not get the feed pet effect for the full duration.
  • Feeding a pet does not increase it’s loyalty. So, don’t believe anybody that tells you to force-feed your pet. They are what we call ‘huntards’ that belong on your /ignore list.
  • Some pets eat fish, which you can get through fishing (imagine that!). This is very, very boring, but a cost effective way to save a little money.

What does Revive Pet do?

OMG, my pet died. You do not need to tame a new pet when your pet dies. Instead, just use the handy, dandy ‘Revive Pet’ ability. You don’t even need to be in range of your pet’s corpse. The only downside is that it takes a lot of mana and 10 seconds to rez your pet. Also, your pet seems to go down one level of happiness each time it dies so have some food ready.

What are skill points?

Skill points are used to teach your pet different abilities. To determine the total amount of points your pet has, multiply your pet’s level by your loyalty level minus one. So a level 11 pet at loyalty level 4 will have: (11 x (4-1)) = (11 x 3) = 33 points. The maximum loyalty level is 6 so the current skill point cap is 350 at level 70.

What does Beast Training do?

If you click your ‘Beast Training’ icon, it will bring up a menu similar to what crafters see. It’s a list of abilities the hunter has learned and can teach to a pet that meets the requirements in level, family and skill points. If you have a pet out, there will be (## TP) on the right of any skill that can be learned by that pet family. Skills you pet already knows will be at the bottom of the list. Clicking on one of the skills will bring up detailed information below stating the required level of the pet, the number of training points that will be used, and the details of what that abilities specifically does.

Before a pet can be trained in an ability, the hunter must first learn it. Some abilities are available to all pets and can be learned at the pet trainer. Pay some silver or gold and it’s yours. Some abilities certain beasts will know as soon as they are tamed, but to teach it to another pet, the hunter must first learn it. Abilities also require skill points to learn. This is all a bit confusing so let me use some concrete examples.

For my pet I tamed an owl, which knew claw, rank 2 when I tamed it. I then walked up to the <pet trainer> and bought growl (rank 1) which I could then teach to my pet. At level 16, I noticed from the big list of pet skills that my owl could learn a higher rank of claw.

Another thing to know is that if you are teaching your pet a new, higher rank of a skill it already knows, you only need enough training points to make up the difference. For example, upgrading claw rank 2 which is 4 TP to claw rank 3 which is 7TP will cost a total of (7 – 3) = 4 TP.

How do I get rid of my pet?

That depends on what you mean by get rid of. If you want to permanently get rid of your pet, right click it’s portrait, select abandon, and confirm. If you want to set aside your pet for now, so that you can tame a new one, just use the stable. If you want to just walk around without a pet you can use Dismiss Pet.

What happens if my pet dies?

If your pet dies, you will not lose it. The only penalty for pet death is that it loses happiness, and you need to rez it using Revive Pet. You do not need to be at your pet’s corpse to revive it, but it takes a lot of mana.

Can I have more than one pet?

Yes, you can have up to 3 pets, but you can only have one out at a time. To tame additional pets (the right way) you will need to put your current pet in the stable, before taming a new one. Pets level up and gain loyalty independently of each other. So if you have a level 15 cat at Best Friend loyalty, stable it, and tame a level 9 owl, the new owl will not gain the stats of the cat, but be level 9 and rebellious.

Note that it is difficult to keep 2 pets at the same level as yourself, and basically requires you not to gain any rested exp. It will also mean that you will always be using a pet that is a level below you. Personally, I recommend using only one pet and only switching when taming a new pet at close to your level, or to temporarily tame a beast for a new level of ability. Once you hit the level cap you can then level up a new pet more easily.

Having 3 pets is silly unless you are at the level cap, since you will not be able to learn any new skills to teach your pets.

What is the stable?

The stable is a place to store pets you are not currently using similar to a bank. Just look for the NPC with <stable master> under its name, usually outside of an inn. You pay 10s for the first slot and 5g for the second. You will need to buy at least one so that you can tame temporary pets to learn new skills for your main pet as he levels.

When you stable a pet they are accessible from any stable anywhere in the world.

How do I level up a pet?

You must fight mobs that you will gain experience from. If you’re level 20 and just tamed a level 5 pet, fighting level 5 mobs will not give your pet any experience. If you pet is far below you, fight the lowest level mobs that are still green to you.

How does my pet gain loyalty?

All we really know is that fighting, experience giving mobs seems to be the fastest way. Mania experimented a bit and found that she gained a loyalty level after earning about 5% of her hunters’ experience for the next level. YMMV

I once stayed 10 hours in a capital city to see if you could gain loyalty out of combat. Nothing happened. I gave up. I then went outside the city and gained a loyalty level in 20 min. A bit later I was back in town checking the mail, putting things in the bank, and checking the auction house, and bing, gained another loyalty level. /shrug



  1. Goeben said,

    One slight correction: Under beast training you said, “If you have a pet out, greyed out abilities cannot be learned by that pet family.” I believe this is not quite correct. The greyed out skills are the ones the pet already knows. All unlearned skills, even the ones the pet can’t learn, are green. If you click on a skill your pet can’t learn, the information window will show in red the requirement that your pet does not meet.

  2. Znodis said,

    You are correct sir. Updating.

  3. Helena said,

    Hi, this is a great site. Congrats!

    As you seem to know so much about pets I was wondering if you could help me out. I have just started to play WoW and love the idea of a hunter.

    I am Level 17 and have a cat as a pet at level 16. Ihave 2 slots in the stable but when I dismiss my pet I am unable to call it unless I go to the stable and click on the pet icon. If I click on ‘call pet’ I get a message telling me I don’t have a pet to summon.

    This does not happen if I tame a 2nd or 3rd pet. In this case they come whenever I click on ‘call pet’. Am I doing something wrong? Am I a complete noob?

    I hope you can help me. I have asked other people and nobody either cares or knows. I would hate to have to start again.

    Thanks in advance.


  4. Znodis said,

    My suspicion is that you’ve used the pet taming bug to tame one of your pets at some point. The first thing I’d try is to stable your pet and see if this happens on one of your other pets. I’d even log out of the game and come back. If things seem fine with that one, take your cat out again and see if just swapping it out and logging for a bit helped. Last resort is to petition a GM and hopefully they can help you out, but that may involve deleting a pet so be warned. From what I’ve heard they usually delete the lowest level pet or the newest. If it was caused by the pet taming bug, it is fixed on the PTR so there’s the possibility it will fix itself then.

    So what is the taming bug? About a year ago hunters were told that a new way of learning pet skills was coming with BC. It didn’t happen, but most likely some programming from tests made it into live. Currently, if you can just dismiss (not abandon) your current pet, and can tame a new one, which the game did not allow before. This saves the effort of stabling your pet and getting somewhere pet-less or taking a pet and abandoning it just before you tame something new. The problem is this can screw up your stable and has for man players.

    Not that it isn’t useful.

  5. bob said,

    i am a lvl 8 hunter i’m gonna get my pet soon everybody is saying thAT boars are the best pets cause their gr8 tanks but bears have higher Health so what should i choose

  6. Znodis said,

    This is a common enough question that I think I’ll add it to the FAQ.

    I keep hearing about boars. Should I take one?

  7. Killacroc said,

    Pet taming bug…I don’t know if I would call it a ‘bug’

    I made an interesting discovery by accident up in Felwood and Winterspring while trying to learn Bite rank 7 for my Longtooth Runner puppy (now lvl 60 ^_^). I finally spent the gold for the ‘other’ stable slot and went skipping in to Felwood to find the Felpaw Ravager with Bite rank 7. I forgot to put Silverwind into the stable. So, once I found the Felpaw Ravager I dismissed Silverwind and dropped a trap, shot one conssive shot, and started the taming process. The new puppy was soon under my control. I fed him till he was ‘happy’ (about 3 feedings in a row) and we went after a few of his fellow counterparts. In no time I saw that I just learned Bite Rank 7. I ran up into Winterspring to the stable master. There I moved the new puppy into an open slot and thats when I noticed that Silverwind was still around. I did a little of moving pets around from slot to slot and soon Silverwind was standing beside me. So…I decided to test it again. I pulled the new puppy out, deleted him, and brought out main pet (Silverwind). Went out and found an owl with a nice claw rank and tried the process again. I got the same thing again. At first it looked like my pet that I just dismissed was lost but he was still there…just had to rearrange the pets in the stable.

    BTW…those who solo their hunters like I do…. Dash is a wonderful skill! It really spoils casters, espcially in PvP.

  8. Znodis said,

    Unintended gameplay + being eliminated in next patch = bug.

    Well, technically it’s even an exploit, a bug used to work around intended limitations. Not saying I don’t like it or even that I haven’t done it. I do wish it would say in. The biggest problem right now is that it has caused many hunters to have problems with the stables. I’m still hoping they get back to a new way to learn pet skills.

  9. Killacroc said,

    I still don’t trust what had happened to my hunter in Winterspring. Granted I found it to be interesting when it happened. I will be treating this as a bug. I would hate to see my main pet totally disappear after all the blood, sweat, and tears I put into him.

    I will have to agree with you on a newer and better way to learn pet skills. At each lvl section I dedicate a time just to go out and find new pets that will give me a higher rank. It does take up your game play time, but in my case I play my puppy as a meley pet and a tank. If you train your pet right you will be able to handle mobs that are 2-3 lvls above you. Last night I just found out that my puppy has a better armor class than a fellow warlock’s Felguard.

    Keep up the good work on this site! And Happy Hunting ^_^

  10. Grayl said,

    I’m somewhat new to WoW and Hunter in general. But I didn’t understand your line about food not increasing loyalty.

    It’s quite obvious that it does increase loyalty. Tame a pet, its sad, feed it and it goes right to content with a line that says “Gaining loyalty”. If you don’t feed it for awhile it will say “losing loyalty”.

    I got to level 6 loyalty in about 30 minutes by feeding my cat fish, so I don’t understand what you mean. Like I said I’m new to WoW so I’m probably missing something here.

  11. Znodis said,

    I’ll try to clear it up above. Food increases happiness not loyalty, but they are closely tied. In fact I may just move skills, happiness, and loyalty to its own FAQ. First let’s talk about he indicators:

    The next time you feed your pet, switch to the combat tab, and you will see “XXX gains ## happiness from Feed Pet.” If the ## is 0 you are overfeeding your pet. If it’s less than 35 you should start buying higher level food. Also note that if your pet enters combat, it terminates the effect.

    There’s also a face next to your pet’s health or on the pet tab of the character sheet. If the face next to your pet was sad it will change to normal once enough happiness is gained. If the face was normal, it will change to happy once enough happiness is gained.

    Last, there is the pet tab of the character sheet. Right above the picture of your pet, you should see , Loyalty level # (description). The # goes from 1 to 6 and the description goes from “Rebellious” to “Best Friend.”

    So, why don’t I say that food increases loyalty? Well, let’s say you’re a new hunter. You see your pet is unhappy so you feed it. The little face changes from red and sad to yellow and normal, and you go on your merry killing way. Hours later, you wonder why your pet is still “Rebellious” and doesn’t have any training points to spend.

    Food increases happiness. A happy pet increases loyalty.

    But as I showed above, it is possible to feed your pet, and not gain loyalty.

    As for the 30 min… I’ve never heard of such a thing. At level 10, I think it only took one play session to get to loyalty 6, but that was several hours. For anyone else, 30 min is ridiculously fast. Don’t expect this to happen, but it it does take some before and after screenshots and let me know :)

  12. gherkin said,

    Just a quicky I have a lvl 29 ‘cat’ as my pet and i want to teach it bite and claw so that it can do some serious dps but im al little unsure how to do this. Do I have to go and tame a pet with these skills already, then as soon as ive done that I can teach them to my cat or is there more to it?

  13. arkadios said,

    I am confused I got death flayer a rare scorpid who knows claw rank 2 and scorpid poison 1 he just hit lvl 25 and according to petopia he should have learned a new rank of each by now but no luck I am unsure of how to advance him in rank of his talents any help would be nice

  14. Znodis said,

    I need to get on a Pet Training FAQ evidently.

    Your pets do not automatically learn new ranks of skills, and some don’t come with any of the skills they can learn at all. To learn a new skill or a new rank of a skill, the hunter must first learn the skill. For the hunter to learn the skill, they must first tame a pet that knows the skill. Confused? You’re not the first. Here’s a step-by-step, which assumes you don’t know the skill yet.

    1) Find a beast which knows the skill and rank you want here:
    2) Stable your pet to an empty slot. If you do not have an empty slot, you need to either buy another slot, or permanently abandon one of your pets.
    3) Go and tame the beast. Remember that you must be at the beasts level or higher to tame it.
    4) Once tamed, make sure the beast has the proper skills and ranks you want. If not abandon it and repeat #3.
    5) You must use this pet until you receive the message “you have learned XXX (rank Y)” You do not necessarily need to make the new pet happy by feeding it, but if you don’t you will have a time limit of 30 min before it leaves you (according to mania).
    6) Double check that you have learned the skill by clicking Beast Training and looking for it on your list of skills. If it’s there, you may abandon your new pet at this point if you wish.
    7) Go back to the stables and get the pet you wish to learn the new skill.
    8) With your original pet out, open up Beast Training. The new skill should be green and if your pet can learn it, should be followed by the number of Training Points required to learn it.
    9) Click the train pet button.

    NOTE you do not necessarily need to have all the training points. You only need enough to make up the difference between your current rank and the new rank. Basically, when you pet learns a new skill, the old one is unlearned and the points are refunded, then the new points are immediately used to learn the new skill.

    Your pet knows claw 2 (4 TP) and you want to teach it claw 4 (10 TP). You only need 6 training points.

    If you make a mistake and train your pet a skill you didn’t want it to know, you can visit a [pet trainer] found in most major cities next to the [hunter trainers.] Like talents the cost to unlearn skills goes up each time, but it is much more affordable (I paid 10s last time).

  15. Toni said,

    My pet has just dissapered :S
    Where has it gone?

  16. Znodis said,

    There are several possibilities.

    First, if you’re doing the level 10 quests with the taming sticks, you only get to use the pet for 10 minutes before they disappear. The last time I did it, I was able to still complete the quest even if the pet had despawned.

    If you just tamed your first pet, you may have forgotten to feed it. After you tame the 3 beasts and learn the “tame pet” spell, there is a follow up quest you need to complete which will get you the ‘feed pet’ spell. If you don’t feed your pet, it will leave you after about 30 minutes, and you will have to go tame a new pet. Don’t worry if you don’t have the right food right away. Use the Dismiss Pet spell (not Abandon), and the 30 min timer will not count down as long as the pet is not out. Watch the combat log to see if you are overfeeding your pet (it will show happiness gained 0).

    For various reasons, including the hunter dying, your pet may despawn. Just use “Call Pet” and he should come right back.

    Should this give you the “Your pet is dead” message, use “Revive Pet.” Just remember to feed it a bit to make it happy again.

  17. Koryk said,

    Exellent guide. Precise and to the point. I think i understand something now as i was unsure before. I have just trained my “Cat” in various things (Natural Armour/Stamina/etc) and what i was wondering is what a waste it would be if the Cat abandoned me (though its loyal) or i abandoned it. Do i regain those training points etc!
    The guide enlightened me on where these points come from ((Loyalty -1) * Level).
    So to build up those points i would just need to build up the new animals loyalty!

    Correct me if I’m wrong. Cheers :)

  18. The G said,

    How often do you have to feed your pet? Like, what if you aren’t using it at all, and just do other things in the game for a few hours. Do you need to still feed it over a period of time where it’s not actually doing anything?

    Sorry, I’m just starting and I don’t know much at all yet…

  19. Becky said,

    In regard to post #14… thank you!!! I’ve been looking for this info forever, and your site is the only one that spells cross-training out, step by step, in easy-to-understand ways. :D Much appreciated!

  20. Smurgal said,

    What happens if my pet becomes a higher level than i do?

  21. Znodis said,

    A good one.

    Once your pet reaches the same level as the hunter, they stop gaining experience. So you pet will never be a higher level than you.

    Another consequence of this is that only once you gain a level will you pet start to gain exp again. So what ends up happening is you pet tends to always be a level behind you.

  22. GrayWolf said,

    I wander if somene can help me out with the stable operation.

    I tamed my cat and put it in the stable.
    Next I tamed a second cat to learn skills from it.
    That one got killed and I went to the stable and got back my original pet
    That one run away hungry.
    I tamed a third pet and not I can not put it in the stable since the first one that got killed is in spot 1, the second that got away is in spot 2.
    I don’t have gold to buy third spot at the stable.
    How can I get rid of the cats that are there now.

    GrayWolf lvl12 NightElf Hunter

  23. Znodis said,

    Sounds to me like you didn’t do the 2nd part of the hunter quest. Go back to the trainer that gave you the quest to tame 3 beasts and he’ll give you another quest which just involves going to your major city. Upon completion, you’ll receive ‘revive pet’ to bring the cat back to life, ‘feed pet’ to keep your pet happy so it doesn’t run away, and ‘beast training’ which will let you teach it abilities.

    I’d suggest reading through the entire FAQ above just to make sure you’re not missing anything else.

  24. Znodis said,


    You only need to feed your pet when he is not ‘happy.’ Next to you pet’s icon is a litlte icon with one of 3 symbols:

    green : )
    yellow : |
    red : (

    It will drop from green to yellow about every 30 min. If it’s not green feed your pet.

  25. Curic said,

    I’m A Night Elf Hunter and i want to know what levels do pets grow on, if any.
    I have a Ashenvile bear (LVL 23) What level we he begin to grow on. Thank you

  26. Znodis said,

    To my knowledge no one has ever observed a noticeable bump in pet sizes, so I assume it grows a little bit each and every level. Keep in mind that mobs grow each level too making your pet always look a bit small as you level it up. However, if you go back to earlier mobs, you can see a difference.

    Pet growth is kind of like watching a pot of water boil. You won’t know when it happened, just that it did.

  27. Smudge said,

    The way I remember it, the pet actually had to hit the mob you’re killing in order to gain experience when it died. Is that still the case, if it ever was?

  28. Sharpshoota said,

    Hi I just have a quick question.

    I recently tamed a Bat in Razor Fen Kraul so that I could learn Dive Rank 1 and teach it to my Dragonhawk pet.

    I ended up having to dismiss the first Bat I had tamed since we jumped off a ledge and it was taking the LONG way around and I didn’t want it to aggro extra mobs. When I re-summoned it Dive Rank 1 had disappeared off of its bar!

    After the group disbanded I went back in to get another Bat and hoped that the same thing wouldn’t happen again. I hearthed out of the instance with the new Bat and the Dive Rank 1 spell had disappeared off of this Bat’s pet bar too! Is this normal?

    Will I still be able to learn it or will I have to go back into RFK and capture another Bat and stay in the instance until I learn it there?

    TYVM in advance for your help :)

  29. Sharpshoota said,

    Also, on a side note Dive Rank 1 is no longer in the Bat’s spell book and its not in the Beast Training tab either.

  30. Seb said,

    Hi Everybody,

    All the comments and explanations on this site have been of great help. Nevertheless I’m still having problems with my pet. I am a Hunter lvl 13 now and I got my first pet at about lvl 10. I did the pet quests and ended up with a lvl 8 cat. I have been killing huge amounts of monsters and other beasts with it, and have been feeding my pet a lot, to keep the green smily. When I started to figure out more about pets I discovered that my pet doesn’t gain any experience and the amount of training points was minus four. I can’t remember the amount of traing points I started of with. After some more killing I decided to stable my pet and find a new one. I got a lvl 10 cat this time, myself being lvl 13. I fed it till green, and attacked many monsters. I even let it kill a lvl 15 monster without any of my interference. But it didn’t gain any XP. Neither any training points. I stayed at zero.
    After that I checked both my pets to see if I could find something about there loyalty. I moved my mouse over some icon, which then said they are gaining loyalty, current level of loyalty is still one though.

    Can anybody explain to me what I am doing wrong. I’d really like to play the Hunter character, but don’t think I can survive without a good pet.


  31. Znodis said,

    Whew. Fell a bit behind in answering comments. It’s getting a bit long too so I might have to do some consolidating…

    @27 I know the reverse was true that for a hunter to gain exp he would have to do at least one point of damage to the mob. This was to prevent hunters from putting the pet on aggressive and going to a lowbie area and just grabbing loot while their pet farmed. I’m not sure if your pet needs to get a hit or not. I’ll grab one of my lowbies and modify this comment tonight with the result. See post #33

    @28/29 My thought is that you’re encountering some sort of bug because Dive requires level 30, but the beast that has it is 26/27. Hitting a loading screen must be setting of some sort of check and removing the skill. The lone comment on wowhead says the same thing. I would still call it a bug. Report it and I hope they help you out. Most likely you will still have to retame one, and learn dive from it before dismissing/leaving the instance. However since it still requires level 30 pet to teach it to, you may have to wait a bit anyway. If you can wait until level 31 Arathi Highlands may be a lot less of a hassle.

    @30 If your pet knows an ability when you tame it, it still costs training points. However since it’s loyalty level is only 1 and you don’t have any points, the display is negative. It sounds like my answer to 27 may affect you so I’m going to hold off on saying anything else until I’ve experimented a bit tonight at which point I’ll replace this text. See post #33

  32. Seb said,

    Dear Znodis,

    Thank you for your reply. I do understand those training points now. Nevertheless there are still some problems. Yesterday I decided to abandon my level 8 and 10 pets and found myself a new one. This time a level 14, myself being level 14 as well.
    I went out to kill some mobs again, but keep having the same problem.
    My pet wont gain xp, wont gain loyalty and wont gain tp.
    I keep the green smile up so it should be happy. And it keeps saying “gaining loyalty”, but it just wont.
    I am a blood elf and are in the ghostlands now, if that is any help.
    Can it be I haven’t completet anything of some sort?

    Kind Regards,


  33. Znodis said,

    OK. The final answer to #27 is that your pet _does not_ need to attack a mob to gain exp. I put mine on passive and attacked a green level, killing it only with my hunter, and my pet gained exp. The amount did not change when I attacked once with my hunter, but let the pet kill it otherwise. A pet killing a mob by itself with no damage done by the hunter gained no exp, and the corpse was un-lootable.

    Now for Seb.

    First of all, Bliz has decided that your pet can never be higher level than you. The way they’ve done this is that when a pet is the same level as the hunter, it no longer gains exp. So once you ding, your pet has to play catchup.

    I think my first paragraph also explains why when your pet soloed a high level mob without assistance, he gained no exp. The hunter _must_ contribute to the kill for the pet to gain exp. The basic rule is the pet only gains exp from a kill, if the hunter would gain exp from the kill. I say ‘would’ because at level 70, exp gain stops, but you would gain exp from a level 62 mob or higher.

    Now loyalty. It goes freaking slow. The best info we have is from mania. It boils down to a time and an exp component to loyalty. First, the pet must earn 5% of your next level (or at least would have if it was gaining exp). That’s one bulb of non rested exp or 1.5 blubs of rested exp. The second part is wait a certain amount of time. You can find the info summarized at the bottom of this page. I’m pretty sure that even the pet doesn’t actually gain exp because it’s the same level as the hunter, it will still gain loyalty exp.

  34. Seb said,

    Thanks for your reply,

    I know my pet wont gain xp when it’s the same level as me. But as I wrote I have had pets that were many levels lower than I was, and that didn’t work either. So, just to see if it would make a difference, I decided to tame one that was the same level as I. It didn’t make a difference but at least I tried. At the moment I’m lvl 15 and my pet is lvl 14, so it should gain xp, loyalty and tp. But it just wont.
    I know I have been killing on my own, mostly together with my pet and that my pet has killed on its own too. So I just can’t work out why my pet didn’t gain any xp, loyalty and tp while I went from lvl 10 to 13, with a lvl 8 pet. Even if it is a slow process I would expect it to gain at least one xp point after so much killing.

    Thanks for your reply though,


  35. Znodis said,

    This is indeed very strange. It sounds like you’re doing everything correctly, and you definitely should have seen some change in both level and loyalty in your pet if your hunter went from 10 to 13… At this point, the only way I could figure out what’s going on is to watch over your shoulder as you play.

    If you gain exp from a kill, your pet should too, as long as it’s alive and next to you. They won’t gain anything dead or in the stable, but that doesn’t sound like your problem.

    I’m stumped.

  36. Ignis said,

    Do pets gain loyalty from PvP?

  37. Znodis said,

    Loyalty is not something we know much about, however there has been no evidence that HKs increase loyalty. You can still gain loyalty (slowly) by doing AV since there are mobs there that yield exp.

  38. Bangi said,

    This may have been covered, if it has, I apologize. Do all pets, no matter what level you tame them at, end up with 350 skill points at level 70? Just wondering if it’s best to pick a pet a low level and stick with it all the way to 70 or if I’ll be fine to train a pet at, say, lvl 68 and it still have the same amount of total skill points. Thanks.

  39. Znodis said,

    A level 70 pet will have 350 training points at loyalty level 6 no matter what level it was tamed at.

    Lots of people seems confused by that for some reason.

  40. Amnihu said,

    I got a pet at lvl 16 and I want to take him to 70. But he is at lvl 6 loyalty and I don’t get many training points when he just lvls along with me. I am at lvl 42 and I am thinking if I don’t feed him for a bit the loyalty will drop and I can get more training points. Will this work?

  41. Znodis said,

    I have seen similar comments many times. Enough that I wonder if there’s someone spreading misinformation about it… Hmmm.


    You cannot cheat the system.

    Training points are based on 2 things: pet’s current loyalty, and pet’s current level

    The formula is (Loyalty Level – 1) x Pet Level

    If you go down a loyalty level (I’ve never actually heard of someone doing it, but it’s supposedly possible) you just lose points equal to your pets level. When it goes back up, you’ll just gain the same number of points back. This also means that if you’re at loyalty level 6, your pet gains 5 training points per level.

    At level 70, and loyalty level 6 you will have 350 points. The level you tamed it at, going up and down in loyalty, all of that has no bearing.

    Maybe I need to make a chart since formulas seem to freak people out.

  42. Lemi said,

    I’m in the same position as Seb. My hunter was at lvl 15 when I took on a lvl 8 cat. I went to lvl 18, and the cat never had any experience points, TP stayed at -4, and never moved off of 1 for Loyalty. I abandoned the cat, and picked up a lvl 16 cat (I was still lvl 18). I went to lvl 23, this cat also never gained exp (not a single point), and Loyalty never moved from 1. During this time I was even playing in a party and we were killing lvl 20 – 26 creatures / npc’s and still nothing (but my experience shot up of course). I have now dumped the cat and moved to a lvl 23 bear (matching my lvl at the time). I’ve now moved to lvl 29, and my bear is still at lvl 23 with no experience and loyalty of 1. Due to all of this, I’ve never been able to train a beast (Never have Training Points) and they never budge from their original exp. Its frustrating.

    Any help or ideas would be appreciated.

  43. Znodis said,

    If you haven’t already, report this to the official Bug forum with as much detail as possible:

  44. Faelamor said,

    Hi there, I have a question about how many skills a pet can learn.
    My huntress has a beautyfull cat, I stabled her and learned a new skill (Bite) of a tiger in Badlands.
    Now it says I can t teach it to my pet since my pet cant learn any more skills…
    I’m missing some important info here, but have no idea what… :S

  45. Znodis said,

    Your pet can only have up to 4 active pet skills. Active skills are things like claw or bite, while passive skills are Cobra Reflexes or Natural Armor. I think Cats are the only family that runs into this problem since they can learn claw, bite, dash, prowl, and growl (well and cower, but no one uses cower).

    To ‘fix’ the problem, go to a found in one of the major cities, and ask them to untrain your pet. The cost is only a few silver. The question is which ability _don’t_ you want. Growl, Claw, and Dash are probably automatically in, leaving bite and prowl.

    Unless you run instances a lot, you’re only going to get 1-2 bites in each fight. Maybe more if you get adds. Let’s hope that pulling adds isn’t a habit of yours. With prowl you get pretty much the same damage/threat plus stealth, but only once each fight. I’d go with prowl, but there’s nothing wrong with trying out bite for awhile to see if you like it.

  46. Babalu said,

    ok got a question that is killing me. I think I missed a step or something when I was level 10 but i never got growl. I couldn’t even buy it. I kept going till level 20. I bought growl rank 3 and still i cant seem to use it. I don’t even have an icon for it or anything. can anyone explain this or do I have to start over, its getting annoying.

  47. Znodis said,

    I think you may be looking the wrong place.

    You need to find the ‘Beast Training’ button to teach your pet an ability. If you’ve done that and it’s not showing up, you should click the pet tab of your spellbook to see if your pet already knows it.

  48. Bone said,

    Pet taming and loyalty can be somewhat confusing sometimes. Just the other day I took my lvl 70 hunter into Nagrand to tame Gutripper the Elite Owl. Had to have a guild priest accompany me because this particular beast is immune to crowd control and no traps will work on it. Hit him with a serpent sting AOM and when he aggroed I hit tame and the healer started throwing heals my way. It took a few seconds and alot of pounding on but I got him tamed. Took Him over to Zag to beat on Bog Lords for Spore rep and to raise the loyalty lvl of the new owl and did so for 2 hours. I’m still at lvl 1 loyalty and now I’m realizing that these mobs are just a little too low for me to get sufficent exp to lvl it. The mobs are lvl 64. You can track your pets lvling progress by going to your character info screen and clicking on the pet tab at the bottom of the screen and the pets screen will show up with an experience bar just like yours on your action bar interface.
    So I have to head over to SMV or Nether where the mobs are higher lvl to get him to lvl faster.
    And I have lost loyalty before. Seems that once you hit lvl 6 you cap there, but if you are lower lvl and fail to feed your pet for a while it will lose loyalty lvls and if your lvl1 it will abandon you if not fed.

  49. Evelline said,

    I’ve got a lvl 47 dragonhawk. I taught it Great Stamina in the Beast Training and I was wondering if I can unteach it this without losing my pet?

  50. Znodis said,

    Yep, just visit a “pet trainer” which you’ll usually find hanging around “hunter trainers” in major cities. The cost is only a few silver.

  51. Hunterdee said,

    Hi i have just tamed a lvl 70 cat and it seems to be taking ages to gain loyalty from him i feed him maybe sometimes over feed him i throw him into mobs and heal him but nothing. Do u know roughly how long it is before he starts to gain loyalty with me ??


  52. Znodis said,

    Even though you’re not earning exp, you are earning loyalty based on the exp you would have gotten. It takes 62,000 – 68,000 exp at level 70 to gain one level of loyalty. For comparison, thats about half of what it takes to level a 69 pet to 70. Expect it to take awhile. Also keep in mind that only mobs which would grant you exp grant loyalty exp so 62 or higher.

    A side note here is that I have experimented with overfeeding the pet and all that really accomplishes is avoiding turning ‘normal.’ From what I’ve found, only exp gained while ‘happy’ will count towards earning loyalty.

  53. Bristal said,

    I am curious about recommendations for pet abilities/skills to choose/train. I KIND OF understand focus dumps, and that my pet needs to have claw or bite for that to work, but what about armor vs great stamina? and all the fire/frost/shadow resistances? are they useful at all if you are levelling? I recall reading somewhere that taking both armor and great stamina is a waste, only one should be chosen/maximized. So I re-trained with armor only. any comments about that? Is it paramount to always get the highest bite/claw available from taming? I am 61 SLOWLY moving toward 70 and i have a 60 cat with bite 7, claw 5, dash 3, max armor, and a smattering of resistances. I know I could get better claw and bite by taming, but it’s a bit of a time sink. should I? Is having the highest bite OR claw better than midlevel of both? Training points seem to be coming VERY slowly. I am a strictly solo leveller, my goals are quick, efficient killing and minimal aggro on my butt. I just respecced to combo BM/MM per your (excellent) guide and i’m going to STOP using aimed shot which I always suspected was mana wasteful. Although i think i’m addicted to serpent sting.

  54. K said,

    I am a level 62 hunter, and I had just trained a level 48 hyena. I have been doing a lot of low level quests, with at least two bars worth or experience, but my new pet still hasn’t leveled at all. What’s up with it? Do I need to go to Outland and kill some higher level stuff for experience to count?

  55. Znodis said,

    You’re not the first one to have this problem (See 32 and 42 above), but I’ve never heard an explanation or a fix for it. Your best bet is to open a ticket in game and post on the official bug forums.

  56. Wickedvic said,

    Going on what Bristal said…

    I was wondering if you might be able to tell me what are the best passive aspects to use the pet training points on. Does it depend on the situation you plan to use your pet in? I’ve read several people saying that you should have 3 pets, each for a particular situation (pvp/solo/raid), so would the passive skills depend on those situations? Should your 4 active skills always be trained to the maximum on every pet you have?

    I am a 41 hunter trying to level quickly right now, but I plan on PVPing in arena when I hit level 70.

    ps – Can you teach your pet Bite 4 (i.e.) without knowing bite 3?

  57. Znodis said,

    Good questions. I’d add them to the FAQ, but with WotLK most of them will be irrelevant.

    For now, you want to make sure active pet stills are as maxxed out as you can get them as you level ignoring cower. To answer your last question additionally, you do _not_ have to learn previous ranks before the highest you know. So if you take a cat from 10-70, then tame a level 70 ravager, you only need to know the highest rank of gore for him.

    For best passive skills, cobra reflexes is a must for any situation. High resistances can help if you’re raiding an instance with a particular magic school theme, but for soloing, I train rank 2 of each since it’s cheap and you get good “bang for your buck” at 15 points.

    Between sta and armor, stamina wins. Armor seems to be given a value by blizzard based upon multiple opponents. Gaining 1% damage mitigation usually costs about the same as 2-3% stamina. Additionally, stamina helps against both physical and magic, while armor only helps with physical.

    Those are just the basics. Once you hit arena time, you’ll want to go to someone who is an expert in that area as to the latest tactics, since they are always changing.

  58. sudip kumar said,

    hi all ,
    i am new player of WOW , and my first char is a hunter (lvl 70) . i just want to ask ,can i tame a low lvl pet , like a lvl 25 beast and lvl it up to 70 ?
    if yes then how , because i’m not even able to see my pet’s XP bar .

  59. Znodis said,

    I really need to update this FAQ.

    You can tame any pet that’s at your hunter’s level or lower. If the pet is more than 5 levels lower it will ‘level up’ to that point as soon as it is tamed.

    To see your pet’s exp bar, right click on his portrait and select ‘info.’ There is an exp. bar at the bottom of the window.

  60. sudip kumar said,

    thanks for your quick response…
    but i tamed a white lion of lvl 60 , now right clicking on his portrait , it give every thing except the XP bar . and i don’t know how to lvl up it to 70 .
    i mean which lvl mob should i kill ..?

  61. sudip kumar said,

    now i tamed “humar” the pride lord , lvl 23 . where should i kill mob …to lvl him up.
    i’m at lvl 70.

  62. Znodis said,

  63. tokias said,

    omg i got rid of revive pet by mistake and now ny pets dead please help how do i get revive pet again

    • Znodis said,

      It should be in your spellbook. The default key is ‘P’ I believe.

  64. tokias said,

    wow thanks

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