Turtle Review

Turtle – Coralshell Lurker (54)

Overall Rank: 16/23 -Not Recommended

Name: Donatello
DPS: 120.6/133.9
HP: 6237
Armor: 12040
Damage reduction: 53.28%
Skills: Bite, Shell Shield
Solo: (C+) SS is great for soloing elite mobs if you can get enough of a head start with agro to heal through it.
Instance: (C-) Would be a great emergency off tank if you could get him agro…
BG: (D) Helps when you need a tank for one of the AV bosses, but nothing beyond that
Arena:(D) Armor does nothing if he’s not being attacked.

I was prepared to place turtles right above Sporebats in my rankings, but they surprised me quite a bit.  From an outside perspective Shell Shield seems incredibly weak.  For increased survivability, it reduces damage dealt at a time when you most likely need agro on multiple mobs and is only usable every 2 minutes which seems too long.  In practice,  the 2 minutes is no problem.  If you’re running into survivability issues more often than that you need to slow down and find a safer place.   Additionally, the benefit of half damage is greater than you’d think at first as if you think of it, as it makes your healing incredibly effective for a short while, or it may keep him alive long enough for you to finish off one of the mobs allowing the turtle to swich targets and generate agro through your heals.Notice both of those really mean ‘good on a single target.’

On auto-cast, it will go off when the turtles HP hit 50%.  For me that was great timing to let me know “heals now” if I wasn’t paying attention.   FYI agro from SS is somewhere between 19-28.

Not much else to say about utility.  No focus dump meant I had problems with agro as always.  HP improvements seem more worthwhile than armor yet again.  The only real use is when survivabilty is more important than agro and those instances are few and far between.

Animations were fine.  It was odd to see a turtle acutally running beside me, but it was nowhere near as awkward as with crocolisks.  Idle animations were cool.  The attack sound didn’t seem to really fit a turtle, but I couldn’t really say was exactly was wrong with it (if anything).  Maybe it’s used for something else in the game…



  1. Itsnoteasy said,

    My oldest pet still in my stables is a turtle (named Bisque.) I’ve been hanging on to him largely because I just couldn’t bring myself to abandon him. Lucky I didn’t, because in Wrath at the moment, turtles are *insane.* With a focus dump, a taunt, intercept and a talented growl, my turtle holds aggro better than my other two pets put together.

    Add an improved shell shield to the mix, and Bisque serves as a competent off tank in an instance; he never once lost aggro, and the healer commented that healing him was actually easier than healing the real tank!

    Right now, yeah, they’re not so great. I’ve personally found that my cat does a better job versus elites just because of the difference in damage (and threat) output. But it’s looking like Turtles will be awesome come Wrath.

  2. Scott said,


    I had pretty similar experiences with turtles; most recently I tamed and leveled a red turtle from lvl 51 on my orc hunter back in his early sixties, got him up to lvl 66 and then left him parked in the stable; I’d been hoping that a turtle’s aggro weakness might be offset by a BM spec orc hunter with AQ set bonus but sadly… no. Even with all that +dmg piled on him, Brick still couldn’t hold aggro well even vs a single target let alone multiples.


    Though I don’t have a beta key (X[), I was thinking along those same lines re: instance offtank – I’d already thrown together a talent mockup for Brick over at wowhead with the +growl, intercept etc and from your comments it sounds like my dream may yet come true… can’t wait to dust him off in WotLK…

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