Crab Review

Crab – Pygmy Tide Crawler

Overall Rank: 11/23- Recommened

Name: Frothy
DPS: 127.3/141.4
HP: 5988
Armor: 12040
Damage reduction: 53.28%
Skills: Claw
Solo: (B) Tanks like a champ, but a single Mend draws agro on anything he hasn’t growled.
Instance: (B-) Makes a good off-tank in a pinch – send, mend, and forget. Not so good DPS, so wouldn’t recommend for raids. Rarely gets in the way.
BG: (D) Tends not to make much difference except for BW and intimidation. Dash would have been nice. Lack of DPS is noticeable.
Arena:(D) Dash/Dive is sorely missed, mostly used as a heal pushback/interruptor
Frothy was my first pet and I went from 10-60 with him and no other pet. I wouldn’t give him up even if Bliz made them 50% less DPS and took away claw. I dig the cackle when I send him to attack, and I like the animation for the model. Like a scrapy fighter looking for its next brawl.

In all honesty, claw is the only thing that keeps crabs as a viable pet. I really miss dash, and consider the talent Beastial Swiftness to be essential if I’m spending anytime farming with Frothy. For some fun, I went back and soloed a scholomance with both frothy and my raptor. I expected Frothy to do better with his higher armor taking on multiple mobs. However, I found that higher DPS raptor meant things died faster, and dead mobs do no damage.

I can give crabs a modest recommendation. They’re fun pets, but you’re missing out on a lot of damage. Get a red or a blue from the opposing faction if you can to turn some heads at 70.


  1. hyena84 said,

    one of my trolls has the pygmy red one from durotar.NEVER giving pinchpinch up.still kinda pissed blizz took away their tiny mowhawks…

  2. Omeyga said,

    Aw…I know how you feel on this one, I’ve had my purple hyena, Alfie, from 17-70 and could never part with the little thing ;) I have my dps pet…then I have my Alfie.

    Personality pets for the win!

  3. Teika said,

    With the pet buffs in wotlk, Im prob gettin a crab as a Tenacity pet, gonna call him MetalGear.

  4. Epicanarchy said,

    I love my crab, i could care less about aggro because im poor and my weapons are crap >_< but hes awesome and i wouldnt trade him for anything

  5. Ogra said,

    I love my crab too

    It is a nice tank, claw is without cooldown and the aggro is fine with the 100% focus bonus

    It is a nice pet if you skill the +30% pet-speed and the +13% armor is a must have for me – I think my crab will be the best tank in lich king, due to the high armor

  6. Mishas said,

    Is it true that crabs grow more each lvl than other pets do? A belf female hunter in my guild has a huge orange crab tamed at 7. And I’ve read that they grow more each lvl but I’d like to hear it from a pro. She is kinda known as the t6 hunter with the huge crab on the server so I think it’s a great char trait to use such a pet :P

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