Wolf Review

Wolf – Bloodmaul Battle Worg (67)

Overall Rank: 15/23 – Not Recommended

Name: Son of Lupos
DPS: 134.0/148.9
HP: 6237
Armor: 11400
Damage reduction: 51.92%
Skills: Furious Howl, Bite, Dash
Solo: (C) No focus dump makes me sad.
Instance: (B-) If you’re in a group with 4 other physical DPS, they don’t suck, but they’re still not great.
BG: (B-) Just something nice about Wolves in Alterac. Dash is good, but lower DPS is clear.
Arena:(C+) If you have anything other than a 5 man physical DPS team, you probably want a different pet.

I’ve already gotten more comments about this pet before the review is even written. Clearly, I’m not the only “dog person.”

Furious Howl is a potentially great skill, but it has several drawbacks. First off it costs 60 focus which is fine cost/benefit ratio if fully utilized, but for soloing, isn’t that great. The second drawback is it’s range is short. I got the buff at the start of fights and seldom saw it again. Soloing, it essentially becomes a self buff.

On the positive side, it is great bonus damage/threat for the start of fights, and if you’re in a group with melee dps it becomes pretty worthwhile. In fact if you’re raiding with 25 and you’re in a group with 4 melee (MM), it becomes a 25 DPS buff, which almost makes up for the lack of a focus dump. Almost. Basically, that would boost you up to where I rank crabs, and there are many better pets. You probably want to tame a raiding pet if you don’t have one.

For soloing, I was pulling agro left and right as with every other pet that lacks a focus dump. FH’s buff was nice in arenas and BG’s (when my groupmates were around), it was very similar to my thoughts on shaman totems: it doesn’t matter much unless there are others around. You probably should do fine leveling with this pet, but it is not a great endgame pet at the moment.

I’m also one of those guys that like having a unique pet, and this is not it. Despite this not being one of the uber pets, there are many, many people that tame them. Even with all the different looks, you basically get black, white, brown, or gray and then either wolf or dire wolf (longer teeth). Fairly boring. They also always looked like they were in combat which is a bit disconcerting running around town.

This offensive look is contrasted by their sounds which sound way too much like a dog being hurt (even the attack command), and animations which showed him casually sniffing the ground or scratching behind his ears with teeth fully bared.

IMO the programmers/artists who put this pet together were not ‘dog people.” I was hoping for more of a companion and less of a “want-to-be” mindless killing machine.



  1. Ceolwulf said,

    Interesting review, thanks. Pretty much what I figured you’d say.

    I’ve been levelling my current hunter from 40-50 with both a wolf (the regular wolf skin, not the worg) and a bat. (Two pets whilst levelling is a dumb idea by the way, don’t do it.) So from that perspective: the damage difference is small enough not to worry about The bat holds aggro better, no question; but, the only way I pull off the wolf is if both my first auto and first arcane crit, which doesn’t happen a lot at mid-level.

    Furious Howl is interesting. The range is a limitation for sure, but I quickly adjusted to fight closer in and always get the buff. It needs a rework though, as it is quite weak in its present state. The lack of sufficient ranks – highest rank is level 56?! – and the lack of scaling need to be addressed. I suppose that there will be new ranks in the expansion, since there are wolves in the north country. It should be changed to some percentage of the hunter’s AP I think. Tweaking such a percentage-based buff so that the wolf is a viable raid alternative to the standard dps-bots shouldn’t be difficult.

    However if Bite does indeed change to be a focus dump in the expansion, I would have to wonder if Furious Howl would ever get a chance to go off. Perhaps the focus cost and cooldown could be lessened so that it would work better with Go For the Throat, more in the style of Lightning Breath.

    The personality is a matter of taste I suppose and I quite like it. The occasional howl is much win. I do wish the poor pup’s face weren’t stuck in a permanent snarl of course. But the sniffing, scratching, and howling makes him a lot more appealing and active than my bat who pretty much just hovers there ominously (and takes up half the screen, becoming a mis-click magnet, which was the biggest reason I decided to keep the wolf). And now I best be quiet lest I double your review length!

  2. Gambeson said,

    I’ve often thought that the programmers are cat people. Feline mini-pets are all over the place, but the only dog I’m allowed is a worg pup.

  3. Bleedinglove said,

    I’m a lvl 32 hunter and my wolf disappeared! I can’t call him, revive him, etc. Every time I do “You do not have a pet to summon” comes across the screen. What happened? How do I get him back?! Please help!

  4. Znodis said,

    This would be more appropriate to the FAQ, but my initial thoughts are that you stabled him without taking another pet, or that he was at unhappy long enough to leave.

  5. AzureWolf said,

    As a wolf fanatic, I was sad to see wolves on your “bad” list, but I also can find no flaw in your reasons. I have a couple hunters, but my main (70 NE), has had her wolf with her since she picked him up in her 20s (Ghostpaw Alpha). My hunter has tried many other pets, but always comes back to wolf as her “day to day” companion.

    But yes, with bite being the only real attack, I often pull agro from him (she’s a BM hunter). And the bonus of Furious Howl isn’t as attractive as it sounded when I first read about it long ago :) And yes…that snarl has to go (it’s what kept me from ever keeping a Bear). At least the ghostpaw is a playful wolf (though stopping to scratch himself in the middle of a combat baffles and annoys me).

    Over time, and through reason, my NE hunter has adopted other pets for other purposes. In the Arena she has an Owl for the sheer annoyance factor to the enemy. In big raids and AV she has a Cat for the higher DPS (and Prowl for AV). But when she’s farming leather alone in the plains of Nagrand, it’s always her trusted Wolf by her side :)

  6. Fenrir said,

    As a marksmen hunter (odd i know) even with up to date weapons and gear my wolf with bite alone has not issues tanking 2-3 mobs and in WOTLK it wont matter, but for now wolves are fine and they have alot more character then the overused pets like cats and raptors.

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