Raptor Review

Raptor – Daggermaw Blackhide

Overall Rank: 6/23 – Recommended

Name: Flight
DPS: 147.4/163.7
HP: 5925
Armor: 11240
Damage reduction: 51.57%
Skills: Claw, Bite, Dash
Solo: (A-) The high DPS really helps hold agro.
Instance: (A) Nice DPS for 5-mans or raiding. Can rip agro from a squishy in a pinch.
BG: (B) Does the job. Well.
Arena:(A-) Dash and intimidate is a great way to start a match. BW and that squishy is almost dead.

I tamed a raptor when I hit 60 and decided that I wanted more DPS while grouping. I’ve never been disappointed. Dash and Claw with above average DPS keep this as one of the top pets.

I really love mine, but it took a bit. If you do the horde Barrens’ quests, the lore seems to show the raptors have some limited intelligence, and that’s reflected in the feathered armbands of the azeroth models. I couldn’t help feeling that it wanted to be free or more nefariously, was using me for its own purposes. The Blades Edge raptors, on the other hand, look like hot-rod killing machines that just want to go. Go for the upgrade.



  1. Intrepidacious said,

    Have you ever compared using one of these with just growl/claw versus growl/claw/bite? Claw dumps the focus anyway, so just wondering if there’s any value to having Bite hit as well?

  2. Doomhammer said,

    @ Intrepidacious

    I always have Bite and Claw on my raptors. When they first go in they can use Bite to score a fairly large hit along with Claw’s blows, and if you have Bestial Discipline and Go For The Throat you can get back enough Focus to make having both worthwhile.

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