This Peacebloom Will Feel My Wrath!

October 24, 2007 at 8:27 am (Game Design, Warcraft, World of Warcraft) (, , )

This is one of the more interesting thoughts I’ve seen on the forums in awhile.

FEAR ME! I am Death Knight! Watch and tremble at my heroic-classiness as I heroically scour the heroic level 10-20 country-side which I heroically bypassed for heroic lowbie herbs and copper ore heroically!

On the one hand, it makes little sense to force players to run around gathering things from lowbie areas, on the other hand, is it fair to give a free ride? I have very little sympathy for those masochists that call themselves crafters, but what about them too?

My first thought is that assuming DK start at level 55, you should be able to create your death night with the duplicate professions as the character you completed the quest with either at level 225 or the character’s skill (whichever is lower) with no recipes learned. If you’ve earned the right to a heroic class, you’ve earned a head start on tradeskills. Isn’t that the lore anyway? That the quest line causes the character to fall, but able to resist the Lich King or Sargeras or whatever imp they decide. (As an aside I also think the race should carry over.) I can’t see it being higher than 225, because there are a few professions that specialize at that level and that would cause a whole other set of problems.

What if you create a second Death Knight? Well, I’m thinking DK are going to be a slot on your character page or maybe even a second character page exclusively for heroic classes. Probably get one slot per server so if you want a second death night it’s either delete or a different server. Second knight gets same trades as you started the first with.

Now what happens when you complete the heroic quest with your skinning/tailor mage, but want mining/BS? Tough luck. You drop your trades and skill up like any other character where you made a mistake.


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