The Problem of Being Horde

July 28, 2009 at 1:26 pm (World of Warcraft)

I’ve been feeling a bit trapped with finding something for my hunter to do, and my warrior happily grinds seals for her pets, but that’s it.  I think I’ve come close to quitting WoW just for lack of something fun to do.  The only thing holding me back was that I feel like I’ve only experienced half the game.  My highest horde character is only lvl 33.  There’s a lot I enjoy about the horde, but just when I’m getting to like them, they make me hate them again.

First let me state that I love the Tauren.  They are 100% Awesome and full of win from the moment they appear in Warcraft III.  In beta I made a NE, but at release it was a Tauren hunter that got to 10 first.  Their philosophy and tree-hugger mentality really mesh well with what I like to do.  Way more than the NEs.  I had a great time, until I went to thunterbluff and met my first Forsaken.  I just couldn’t sympathise with her.  I gathered a few more quests from them but they just sat in my quest log.  The completist in me couldn’t drop the quests, but the RPer couldn’t bring myself to do it.  I don’t remember which quest it was that put me over the edge, but it got to the point that if I saw a Forsaken player I’d start to get nauseous.

Although I’m not a hardcore RPer, I do participate to an extent.  I guess more than RP, I put myself in my characters – I RP as myself.  That means if someone were to ask me to go save them from Defias invading their farms, I’d do it without hesitation.  If they want me to test some poisons on an innocent dog… I have issues.  I’d not only have issues associating with the person that wanted to do that, but I’d avoid anyone that would associate with that person as well.  Or further, anyone that would think that’s cool to even pretend to do – IE a player.  And the horde is full of them.  Basically, any Forsaken or Blood Elf is portrayed as a sadist, and it made me uneasy to even group with people that rolled those races.

So, with my obsession with Worgen coming to a head recently (110% win!), I’ve been wanting to do their quests on the horde side.  Knowing my problems with the forsaken, I decided to ease into it by sticking to kalimdor’s 1k Needles, and Stone Talon since alliance is severely lacking in lore there.  We’ll see how it goes, but I still feel like I’m walking through a minefield of quests.  Is this one going to be the one that makes me quit horde again – we’ll see.

PS: Orcs can be just as frustrating to quest for.  In particular, the alliance mounted an assault on Icecrown but it failed so we were sent to investigate.  It turns out the horde attacked trapping the alliance between them and the scourge, and both alliance and horde armors were devastated.  Now, my first reaction was “what stupid thing did the alliance do now to provoke the horde?”  I mean after the Wrath Gate, it would only be understandable.  So, I went to wowhead and it turns out the thing they did was nothing – absolutely nothing.  Yeah,  horde saw the alliance fighting their sworn enemy that grows stronger each time anyone dies – the scourge and decided to attack the alliance.  And what was the response to this imbecilic strategy – from the quest text “<After a brief pause, Korm bursts into laughter.>THAT is what it means to be HORDE!”  These guys are morons.

Come on Cairne… why are you allied with these guys?



  1. Faeldray said,

    I guess the Horde is just like any other society, you have a variety of people and personalities. My own character Niqora would never attack Alliance just because they’re Alliance…just as I would never do that either. From what I’ve seen of the Alliance side, they’re not exactly angels either. Horde just seems to be a little grittier.

    And yes, Taurens are 100% win. ;)

  2. Bibai said,

    There are two main kinds of orcs, those driven by rage, and those driven by regret. The best example of this is in-game is in Warsong Hold. Make yourself a hoardie and stomp your way over to the zeppelin to the Borean Tundra. Saurfang and Garrosh stand on the lowest level, just fart around long enough and they will strike up a very interesting conversation (also explains alot about the horde’s actions in Northrend considering Garrosh is the one commanding them -_- Thankfully its ONLY the Northrend horde)

    Cant really say alot of praise for the undead, but at least they were kind enough to help out the blood elves when they needed it (unlike the humans who pretty much forced them to join Illidan because they accepted some help from some naga when they wouldn’t offer reinforcements…. great now im ranting)

    Blood elves are a little on the single minded side, and in their quest to fee their addiction (one so strong their ancestors gave up immortality for, and has probably only gotten worse since) often dont think about the consequences of their actions till its too late.

    Well theres my lil rant… Horde is more than just “good” people, they have moral struggles like people irl. Personally I find the alliance a little morally flat, they all try to be righteous and theres really no conflict within their faction. Conflict makes for excellent character developement.

    Though making a Tauren Druid complete the “Cenarius’ Legacy” questline in Stonetalon Mountains probably takes Internal conflict too far….

  3. Vengal said,

    My first 70 and first to 80 was a Taruen Hunter even though I mostly play on the Alliance side these days. What finally turned me off of the Horde was one too many quests for the Forsaken to murder/poision/experiment/etc on some unsuspecting individual or group.

    The quest that really pushed me over the edge was one for an apothecary claiming to be working on a cure for a Taruen woman in the undercity. He ends up poisioining her for laughs and that was it for me doing much of anything to help any of the Forsaken again.

    It can be a real challenge to avoid helping the Forsaken and still level as Horde but worth it in my eyes if you want to see that side of the game.

  4. batgrl said,

    As soon as you mentioned the “poison the dog” quest I immediately remembered that one. Ugh. There were loads of other quests I’ve done on my horde, but that one always stood out. And I think that’s really the main reason why my highest horde character is a blood elf as opposed to the undead that I started playing. (Actually I only played the belf more simply for the interesting quests in their starting area more than anything else.) There seem to be more of those distasteful ones in the undead chain of quests than any of the other horde races. And of course I get it, oooh grrr and all, we’re the foresaken – and I’m not a RP at all – but I didn’t enjoy that sort of quest. I’d actually have enjoyed it more if my evil actions had ended up getting me killed.

    But then I also really hate the Kirin Tor because they made me torture an unarmed prisoner. So I guess it’s a plus for the game getting me to feel emotional – and a minus for whoever wrote those quests and patted himself on the back thinking he did a great job. Uh, no.

  5. batgrl said,

    I’d also love it if I could have the option to poison that npc with the stuff he was so interested in testing. Now that would seem fair.

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