Three Moons!?

July 22, 2009 at 12:14 pm (World of Warcraft) (, , )

Dunno how it got to be so long, but oh, well.  I’m not going to promise to get back blogging daily, but I’m losing interest in just doing champion dailies, while still really enjoying WoW in general.

Anyway, the reason I’m back today is the recent worgen thing going around.  If it turns out there’s any truth to it, I WILL be renaming Znodis to something else and rerolling a Worgen hunter as my main.  I’ve been in love with them since I first found the Howling Vale just exploring around in open beta.  When I ran my first alt through Ashenvale, I got a screen shot of every panel of text for the quest chain for the Scythe of Elune. As you may have guessed by now, the story I was writing for the Bliz contest (mentioned in the last post) was about the worgen.  But even before that I had been obsessing over them enough that I had enough material for a novel sized story.  I stopped working on that when I heard they’d be reappearing in the Grizzly Hills (yes, before WotLK, that long ago), and didn’t want to waste time if what I had contradicted official lore.

So rather than trying to complete the story I made I thought I’d throw my back story out into the either before it’s completely contradicted (hopefully) with whatever happens in the next expansion.  Who knows? Maybe some lazy bliz employee will read it, say that’s good enough for me, and make it official so he can slack off more. :)  Interesting enough it involves the Malestrom, Emerald Dream, and the Well of Eternity.

What makes the worgen so ripe is the lack of any really official text about them at all.  So let me introduce the questions I was working on and their answers (WARNING: None of this is official, just the background I developed for my stories)

Where do the worgen come from? The nightmare that Archmage Ur mentions in his book is not their native land.  It is the corrupted portion of the Emerald Dream, and just as Druids can transport themselves there, so can the worgen.  However some of the the worgen have discovered away to completely transport themselves, as opposed to druids which use an entranced state, leaving their bodies behind.

Why are they in the nightmare? Their home world is completely overrun by the burning legion.  Or rather their world is where the titans confined the beings which they decided not to destroy for one reason or another.  The worgen were menial slaves of the Legion, but have found a way to escape, and so the Burning Legion is very interested in using that same route.  Hence, they have followed and are now corrupting the Dream into the Nightmare.  There are many worgen still in the service of the Legion, both willingly and unwilling.

How can the emerald dream be connected to 2 different worlds? (I thought it was just part of azeroth?) If you read the lore behind the Dream, it is an idealized azeroth.  Azeroth as it could be – a blueprint for the titan’s vision.  As the titan’s went around the universe shaping worlds they used the Dream as a model for each one, over and over, creating a link with each one as they shaped it towards their ideal.

Why would the titans connect a prison to the dream? It wasn’t supposed to be a prison originally.  It began as a normal shaped world, but as they attempted to cleanse it, the Ancient beings that dwelled there were much more numerous and powerful than any they had encountered.  So much so that they were able to corrupt their champion to their will (hello sargeras).   They thought the world was beyond saving, but they could not leave those beings unchecked so they created a Great Drain, which drew all magical power, all life, into it.  This made it so there was never enough magic power to leave the planet, making it an ideal prison. They named this place Hel.

Where did all that magical energy going into the Drain go? (ok, I know no one would ask this, but it’s important) It once flowed out of the Well of Eternity, but now with the Well destroyed, it also destroyed the Drain.  That is not to say that magic is now flowing the other directions draining azeroth, but rather it’s flowing in both directions.  There are places in the Malestrom that are even more concentrated than the Well was, but there are also places in azeroth that are being drained.  Similarly, Hel now has those same ebbs and flows of magic in reverse.  It is through these holes that Worlocks can temporarily summon demons from Hel to do their bidding.  This supplies a servant for the worlock, and a guaranteed source of magic for the withering demon.

Back to the worgen, why are some temporarily humans? These are the worgen created by Arugal.  He had hoped to permanently summon them as a worlock does, by binding them to a human spirit.  Obviously, it only partially worked for the most part, but there were a few successes.  However, those were due to the assistance of the Burning Legion.  Once they figured out what Arugal was doing, they were able to make the transfer permanent by consuming the human spirit.  This also allowed them to select which worgen would be permanently summoned to azeroth to corrupt Arugal and create a new base-camp there.

What’s the deal with the worgen in Ashenvale? These are the worgen summoned by Linde Starsong using the Scythe of Elune.  The worgen possess a similar scythe given to them by their own moon goddess.  They were able to covertly leave their servitude en masse and escape to the Dream.  They then used hit and run tactics to invade the remaining camps.  But some still remained loyal to the Legion.  They were able to keep open the portals created by the scythe, allowing the Legion to follow them.  The worgens decided that no new portals could be created or they ran the risk of being over run by the Legion, and remained trapped in the Dream, fighting the Legion’s incursions as best they could.  Escape came in the form of a new portal to a new world.  They gladly accepted the new escape provided by Linde.  Once on azeroth, they reveled in destroying their enemies in their disorganized state, causing their new ally to fear their power.

What’s the deal with the worgen in Duskwood? Linde stopped creating portals, but more worgen kept coming.  As it happens, the worgen scythe was eventually brought to azeroth, and was just as effective in reaching the Dream in their new home.  When Linde left, most of the freed worgens had already been summoned, but with the Legion in pursuit, some had been left behind yet again.  A portion of the worgen wanted to continue bringing their kind over (some were still under the Legions control) and did not trust Linde.  Her scythe was a gift from a false god, she was “clearly weaker than the worgen” (in their eyes), and they thought they had exchanged servitude to the Legion for servitude to Linde.  The loyal worgen refused to create more portals and stayed in the howling vale as a barrier against the Legion in Felwood, but the small group of rebels pursued Linde unknownly in an attempt to retrieve her scythe.  They caught up with her in Duskwood and killed her as she was hiding the scythe in what she thought was an abandon mine.  They were unable to recover it.  When Jitters uncovered the scythe once again, he created a new portal to the Nightmare directly in a Legion worgen camp, which they were then able to keep open and invade the countryside.  They now seek the scythe for its power to create as may portals as possible, anywhere they want.


I have much more but all of that veers further from cannon-lore.  Things like worgen culture, origin on Hel, the origin of Elune, etc. but that’s much less interesting.  Hope you enjoyed reading.


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