Was a Good Day

February 18, 2009 at 9:44 am (World of Warcraft)

I finished my dalies yesterday and Ebon Blade was 1000 short as I expected.  Since I had nothing better to do, I snooped around Shadow Vault a bit and went to the quartermaster to oogle the swords I wanted.  As I did, I noticed a guy that really looked like he should have had a quest for me at some point so I looked him up on wowhead.  He was supposed to give daily quests, but as I read the comments I realized there was a whole bunch of Ebon Blade quests wrapped with Argent Crusade that I hadn’t done.  An hour and a respec later this was the end of my night:


Pengu – check

Mysterious Egg – check

Purdy new 2h swords being DW – Double-D delicious!

I also went over to Znodis to disenchant tons of BoEs that dropped for W on her way to 80 and I think I forgot to show you guys this:




1 Comment

  1. Sarai said,

    Love the name. hehe
    I went for the hydra, now I wish we had more slots so I could have gotten both….

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