Elder Wnodis the Love Fool

February 17, 2009 at 11:02 am (World of Warcraft)

I made it.  Once I hit 80 on the 7th, I had 3 nights of trying to get a cleared heroic Gundrak , but I did find a kind soul finally.  For Love is in the Air, things went even smoother.  I got 2 bags of candy in about 10 tries, did 4 turn-ins for 10 arrows and 10 rockets, and got 10 rose petals during those 10 tries as well.  The only real issue I had was getting a Bouquet.  It took a few days before I had time for a farming group, but when I did it was 5x80s.  I tanked the whole thing without stopping or losing agro.  I know the group probably wasn’t going all out, but I feel like I finally know how to AoE tank.  Also, I had a Perma-Pettle from last year, and I also looted a Black Dress so I completed all the achievements even the ones that didn’t count towards the title.

In between all that, I finished off the basin with Wnodis to start the oracle grind, and worked on the Kalu’ak rep.  I should hit exalted with the walruses for my penguin and revered with the oracles for my egg pets today.  AND I wanted to go back to 2H fury build so I’ve been grinding Ebon Blade rep for a week, and should hit revered for Runeblade of Demonstrable Power tomorrow.

Now I feel a bit lost.

My primary reason to play is exploration and story.  So I think of Wnodis as the character I play the game with, while Znodis is the character that ‘lives’ in Azeroth.  Znodis is the one that actually killed the Baron in Strat, and overthrew Rag in the Molten Core; Wnodis just killed mobs for loot.  I guess it’s kind of my RP switch.  However, this grind ruined all that.

My hunter is currently halfway through Zul’Drak, while Wnodis had done almost 2 zones more quests.  If Wnodis already assisted the Avatar of Freya in Sholazar, what does Znodis have to do?  I could just skip ahead I guess, but then I’m admitting that Wnodis is a RP character too and I blur the split between the 2… I can’t really find a solution, and yet the longer I wait to go back to Znodis, the more I do with Wnodis, the harder it becomes.

NOW throw in that I haven’t played Znodis since the hunter changes.  I have to relearn my rotations, and playstyle.  I’m actually beginning to wonder if Wnodis is my main.  She does the rep grinds, she gets in groups, she gets the titles, she gets all the special items, heck, she has more achievement points.


Well now that I’ve written all that out, it kind of clairifies my problem.  Znodis has always been the trailblazer, but now he’s playing catch-up.  Maybe the solution is to try something new. Since everyone is trying out SV and trying to make BM work, I’m heading to MM.  I’ll let you know when I get there.  At least I don’t have any exotics to abandon.


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