February 6, 2009 at 10:36 am (World of Warcraft)

So now that my grind is coming to an end, I’m finally catching up on my blog reading.  This makes me a sad panda. Specifically

And I ran him to Elwynn Forest at level two. Yes, I’ve still yet to do a single quest on Bloodmyst Isle, with any character ever.

Pike… you know how Duskwallow Marsh used to suck.  Then they revamped it and it became awesome.  That’s Draenai starting areas compared to all others.  Gear is better, questlines are better, there’s much less running hither-tither, and I’ve yet to finish those 2 zones without a character hitting at least 20 compared to 17 when i couldn’t do any more darkshore quests (my previous favorite starting area).

I know you have leveling issues, but please reconsider.

Then there’s this on mania’s blog.  Feedback on every pet family and how they compare to each other? /begins going through pet leveling withdrawls.  I have so many opinions on pets, families, roles, talents, graphics, sound.  I don’t even know where to begin.  /sigh, I don’t even have time to being…  Those posts have been in draft form for so long I think I’ll have to start over just to make sure they’re still relavent.

Oh, well.  Such is WoW.



  1. Pike said,

    I’ve tried to get into the draenei quests so many times and I have failed, so many times >_<

  2. Sarai said,

    I ran through them once, but once I got to Bloodmyst it was too depressing. Then I wound up deleting that toon later anyway. >.>

    /fails at draenei

  3. batgrl said,

    Aw, that makes me sad – finishing those draenei quests was such fun, and the party all the npcs give you at the end, and the tabard? Nothing else like it in the game.
    Which made me kinda sad, when I finished the blood elf starting zone and there was nothing similar.

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