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February 5, 2009 at 9:09 pm (World of Warcraft)

I really put my nose to the grinding stone, and I just hit 79 tonight.  I should have 80 by the weekend and then I just need to find a few groups to mooch off of as they finish clearing the last 3 instances with elders.

Protection hasn’t been completely miserable, but I’ll be glad to swich back to fury as soon as I can.  It’s not so much that I can’t tank, it’s that I hate the treatment that comes with it.  Case in point, I attempted to run Halls of Stone today, and there were some looting disputes.

Let me be clear that after thinking about it, I was in the wrong here, but didn’t really think so at the time.  We formed up and 3 pulls in a rare-quality BoE DPS ring drops.  Someone says ‘greed all BoEs’ and so 4 of us do.  The resto Druid goes into this rampage about how that’s bull and if you’re going to equip it you should be able to roll need.  I pointed out that if someone in the group really wanted a BoE, they could just pay whoever won the roll, but he made it sound like we were just greedy for gold.  The mage ended up with the ring, and we continued with our druid grumbling.

I cleared without any issue up to the Maiden of Greef and downed her without any deaths or my losing agro even once.  I was very proud of myself :)  So loot drops and it’s the Embrace of Sorrow.  It has nice Sta, Hit, Agi (for crit and armor), and AP.  Not a tanking cloak, but a good leveling one (I was just starting 78 at the time).  I check it against the green I was using outside the instance, and it’s a nice upgrade.  DK /needs. I /need.  I /win

Chaos erupts.

The DK asks ‘why the heck would I /need that since I’m a tank.’  I explain that I am tanking and I’m prot spec, but this is a DPS leveling spec.  DK explains /roll need only for current spec.  I reply that spec does not equal role.

The druid goes ballistic ranting about how I don’t know my class, don’t know my role, and am an immature a-hole.  Finishing with “I don’t need this cr_p” and quitting.  The elemental shaman with him says “me too” and we’re down to the mage, DK and myself.

I appologized to the group and said again it really is an upgrade for my spec.  The DK says bluntly “no it’s not.”  Clearly further explaination wouldn’t change anyone’s mind.

We tried to find a healer, but called it quits.  I then /w the mage who won the ring and asked if I could buy it off of him.  He says he’s giving it to a guildie… and they call me a loot ninja :p  I went back outside, put on my old cloak, and compared it to my new one.  Every single stat was green.  Back to questing I went.

So after thinking about it, I could see better why they were upset.  They’re 78 looking to gear up for heroics and raids, while I’m just thinking about the next 2 (now 1) levels.  A tank in that position should have passed and focused on tanking gear.

I can’t wait to get back to fury.


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  1. Pike said,

    That’s in Halls of Stone, you said?

    Time to run it a million times. That cloak is an upgrade for me x_x

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