Still in the Tunnel With No Light

January 25, 2009 at 10:49 pm (World of Warcraft)

Well, I did it.  I hit 80 last week while vacationing in FL and missing out on the crazy sub-zero temperatures back home.  Returned home to my brand new 17″ laptop of joy, and news that one of my good friends finally upgraded her comp and is ready to try out WoW.  Time to get back to blogging?  No.

I’ve been doing the special world events on my warrior alt.  She’s done almost everything and come brewfest next year, the plan was to have a purple proto-drake.  And then Bliz had to make level 80 a requirement for “Elder.”  So, rather than rejoicing in my main’s level 80, I’ll be trying to power level my 70 (now 72) warrior in time to finish all the necessary achievements.

Looks like it will be a few weeks without interesting hunter posts, but maybe I’ll blog a bit about Warriors…

I really, really love fury, and dual wielding 2H axes makes me giggle everytime I whirlwind, but since I need to run dungeons, I was already leaning towards trying protection.  It helps that Prot is the flavor of the expantion for leveling.  It took a bit to figure out what exactly I was doing and how to DPS.  I attempted to tank UP, but failed at the first boss.  Guess I did ok on single mob tanking, but multi-mob got chaotic.

The rotation for fury was simple and fairly spread out since the 2 main abilities used 25 and 30 rage.  Open with Vicory Rush and Berserker Rage, then Whirlwind, Bloodthirst, Bloodthirst, WW, BT, BT, repeat.  Throw in a rampage here and there, heroic strike/cleave to dump rage when over 50.  It was nice big numbers and nice relaxing pace.

With Prot I was completely lost.  I didn’t even know what my core DPS abilities were at the start or what my ‘rotation’ should be.  It took quite a bit of figuring to get things all in place.  For those interested, here’s how it works.  The first thing is to stack Str and block value, which increased Sheild Slam the core of DPS, but really it’s a priority system.  Highest priority is Revenge, which for me hits between 13-1600, but is only useable after a block and has a 5s cooldown.  Next is Sheild Slam which only hits for 4-600, but when used after a sword and board is free.  How do you get a sword and board proc?  Devistate or Revenge.  So, in a fight, I SS, then devisate until either S&B procs or SS refreshes, but use Revenge immediately whenever it’s up.  I can also throw in HS/cleave as needed to dump rage.

This also leaves lots of nice abilities left over for extra DPS when I need it.  Concussive Blow and Shockwave not only do substantial damage, but stun targets which is great for adds.  And with the extra armor/survivability I rarely need to stop and eat like I did with Fury.  Basically, Prot is a low rage use, high DPS, high survivability, where Fury was a high rage, high DPS, and medium survivability.  I mean, with fury, as soon as I had an add they’d die really fast but I basically HAD to stop and eat after the fight.  It’s just too bad.

In the end, I like the playstyle way more than the single 2H weapon builds of arms.  I have to agree with wowinsider that what they’ve basically done, is make prot a dual wielding spec with one of the weapons as a sheild,and that fits with what I’ve always thought my warrior to be anyway.

I do miss the axes tho…


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  1. batgrl said,

    And it’s sooo ironic you’d mention that dang lvl 80 for Elder thing because I was just grumbling over it on my blog today! Bah, pesky achievement time sinks!

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