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November 20, 2008 at 10:35 pm (Hunter, Warcraft, World of Warcraft)

I started to write paragraphs and whatnot, but it got really long.  Way longer than anyone would want to read, and there was still a ton of stuff to talk about.  So you get bullet points.  Quicker to read, quicker to write, and you don’t get distracted by fluff.

  • Transferred to Dentarg, much happier.
  • Formed my personal guild again named “The Mystic Hunter”  I’m not inviting alts this time, I think they’re going to get their own instead.  I like my guild name better than any title Bliz could offer.


  • I love having content provided for me, rather than making it up (AKA achievements before there was achievements).
  • Man I love questing again.  It’s been almost 2 years…
  • I hit 71 without ever getting ganked.
  • I was filled with glee the first time I saw my bow skill go to 376.
  • In the course of 2 hours today I was ganked 8 times.
  • I killed 2 gankers that were not prepared for MQoSRDPS.
  • I’m liking the new AotV more and more.  I no longer carry any mana pots or food.
  • I still forget to swap back to AotH over and over.
  • My 65 pet dinged 70 before I made it halfway to 71.
  • Luminesce (my needler) is now my favorite pet.  Sorry, Frothy.  I’m thinking of abandoning Flight as well since I don’t need 2 Ferocity pets, and honestly I don’t really feel much attachment for him.
  • I bought a Dutiful Longbow of the Monkey off the AH to replace my Don Santos several days before my copy of WotLK came out.  I loved the model, and it felt great having a bow again.  Then I get Fury of the Raging Dragon from a quest.  How could I not upgrade?  And yet it’s back to having an even uglier gun.  /cry
  • For the last 2 weeks, the highest referrer to the blog as been a thread at Dark Legacy Comics linking to my guide to wiping… at 15 referals. I went from 3k to 300 hits a day when the pet review became irrelevant.  /cry
  • I’m going to be rich.  I’m mining/enchanting, and I only use enchanting to disenchant.  Today I got several stacks of Frostweave (40g/stack), 15 Lesser Cosmic Essences (15g/each), 5 small shards (35g/each), and at least 20 dusts (9g/each). /cheer  (There was 350g in my mail from auctions this morning).
  • I respecced out of Catlike Reflexes, Cobra Strikes, and Invigoration in favor of Beastial Discipline, 1/2 Pathfinding, and Kindred Spirits.  The mana from Invigoration was never noticed, and the DPS loss of Cobra Strikes was WAY more than made up for by Kindred Spirits and BD.  I reallly, really miss the increased Dodge from CR though when tanking elites.
  • I still really don’t like Spirit Bond because of the agro issues with multiple mobs.  Misdirect + Multi-shot never seems to be up when I need it.
  • SPEND YOUR TALENT POINTS.  I forgot to spend mine until halfway through 71.
  • SPEND YOUR PET’S TALENT POINTS.  I found myself wishing my 65 wasp had “Lick Your Wounds” until I realized that he was now 70 and now had the extra point.
  • One more level until Beast Mastery and I can officially call myself a BM hunter again.

Now, imagine a paragraph or 2 for each of those points.  Yikes!



  1. ihlos said,

    I too downgraded to get a bow, i hated using crossbows and i refuse to use guns, so when a great one came along, i passed =) its what leveling is all about.

    I love spirit bond, but im going the tanking route, so yeah.

    questing again does make me realize how much i missed it. its going by too fast. ill be 80 and it will be over soon

  2. Sarai said,

    My hunter had the bow from Prince in Kara, so I was able to pass on the quest-reward gun. Woot.

    I am leveling with my cat, and have a rhino for tough quests. The rest of my stableful of pets will be sitting out, mostly. :(

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