November 13, 2008 at 8:47 pm (Warcraft, World of Warcraft)

I’ve been waiting for a free transfer off Kel’Thuzad for a LONG time now.  I just tried to log in and the queue is at 1400+ (85min).  So, I check the transfers page and w00t, Dentarg will be my new home as soon as I move the stuff from my personal guild bank onto my characters.

So continuing my thoughts on Hunter’s 4.0, (that’s release, and patches 1.7, 2.0, and now 3.0), I have to say I’m really enjoying the new aspect of the viper more that I thought I would.  It’s basically replaced Steady Shot weaving in my thought process, and is definitely less distracting.  Each fight I find myself thinking should I start in viper and swap halfway through to let my pet get more agro, should I do it later just incase there’s some adds and I need to DPS the first target down, or should I just use the passive mana gain between fights.  It really gives the hunter control of his own mana regeneration.

I’m having a lot of fun with it.

The other nice ability change I’m sure everyone has been trying is the new volley.  With no cooldown and now RAP scaling, its gone from a never used to a must be on the main attack bar.  It’s crazy good.  There’s no squeel of glee like when you go to Stratholm and use it on the mindless undead right after Ramstein.   The screen has a damage orgasm like you’ve never seen.  I’m going to give one of those AoE pets a try real soon.


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  1. Quill2006 said,

    I know you said you were making some serious cash, but unless you want to see it all disappear very quickly due to repair bills, hold off on Volley until Bliz fixes the insane amount of damage it causes to your gun/bow. They’ve said it’s a “known issue” and they’ll be fixing it…someday. I was getting 8g repair bills (and I tend to repair frequently) until I stopped my Volley addiction. Now they’re back down to under 20s.

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