Time to Waste

November 11, 2008 at 3:15 pm (Hunter, Warcraft, World of Warcraft)

I ordered my copy of WotLK from amazon and took the free shipping.  I went there to save $10 darn it, I’m not paying $5 to get it faster.  Yes, I have turned into a crochety old man.  All that means is I won’t be getting my copy until next week, which is just as well.  I hate the rush.  Darn kids, get off my EPL!

In the mean time, I’m going to knuckle down and do some programming I’ve been putting off (which you probably don’t care about), and also give some opinions on Huntering just in time to be too late to be useful.  But I’m a crochety old man so I’m doing it anyway!

First off, I know I said I was leveling with my Crab this time around, but after running Strat several times with several pets, I’m taking a Ferocity for leveling, and swapping in Tenacity only for elite quests.  Unless your pet has an AoE, the biggest problem they have is healing causing agro.  Now tenacity are the healing kings, BUT increased healing also means increased agro.  Further, all that agro from healing is on the hunter.  Ferocity on the other hand have their healing on the pet in Bloodthirsty (heal on attack) and Lick Your Wounds (Lay on Hands for pets), and then there’s also Heart of the Phoenix for if all else fails.

IMO when you’re running with a Tenacity pet, you now need to consider yourself 50/50 healer/DPS, while with Ferocity, you can maintain being a DPS class with an occasional heal.

There are of course exceptions for AoE Tenacity pets: Bears, Crocs, and Gorillas (possibly Rhinos with that Knockback), but in my experience as soon as you heal, you’re going to have everything your pet isn’t attacking running right for you.

Let me put it another way:

  1. Pet dies + I live = WIN
  2. Pet lives + I die = LOSE


  1. Toque said,

    The aoe tanking exceptions you mentioned are pretty significant! There is no way your healing threat will pull aggro from your gorilla after he thunderstomps.

    The difference is that the ferocity pet will automatically pull pats that aggro to you while he is attacking even if far away. Mine does about 50 hps constantly with bloodthirsty and cobra reflexes (and spirit bond i guess).

    Still i’ll be leveling mostly with my gorilla. I might try pulling out a turtle if there is an elite that gorilla can’t handle.

  2. Fluffywumpki of Dethecus said,

    For Tenacity pets, you should really only be levelling with something that has an AoE ability, preferably on a very short cooldown. Save the single target Tenacity pets for instance off-tanking or elites, I think.

  3. ihlos said,

    Yeah, but even the non aoe pets can still get intervene, taunt and RoS to help you manage threat. Its no different than before when I would take on five mobs as bm with a cat, you just have to manage it properly. If anything, its easier now with tenacity.

    Tenacity pets are awesome!

  4. Timothy said,

    Yeah, after I level from 62 – 70 with a gorilla and tried to go back to a ferocity I wondered how I ever managed to not pull aggro off that thing. They will definitely be nice in PvP and groups though.

  5. Ticklemin said,

    Im gona level with my worm :) even though he doesnt have an AoE to hold aggro, he is tenacity which means he has…taunt, intervene, charge, and RoS to help.

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