November 5, 2008 at 3:29 pm (Hunter, Warcraft, World of Warcraft)

Up until the last few months, I think I’d run a total of 5 BC instances.  A former guildie invited me to his guild (I just took my warrior), and I ran a few more with them.  Then sunday, they were desperate for people on a Gruul/Mag run.  Grull went down easily and I got some shoulders.  Shiny.  Enough people left when we went to Mags that I was told I could roll on the chest.  So now I have 2 t4 pieces.

I logged in on Tuesday and found the Invasion still on.  I had been desperately trying to get pet #70, aka the batling, so I asked if anyone knew if the boss was still around.  The guild reply was lets go check.  /invite.  Luckily my wife was home to take care of the kid, because I got to run a whole kara with a decked out group.  Total I got, the batling, Arcanite Ripper, and a tanking cloak, chest, and legs.  But most importantly, I got to see it.

Kara is just what I wanted from a raiding experience.  With 40 people, no one knew what the heck was going on.  With 25, you’re going to get more than a few jerks.  But with 10, you’re having fun with friends.  I’m really looking forward to 10-mans.

So now the list of things to do has dwindled to just running scholo and strat until I get a pretty hat and matching pants.


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  1. ihlos said,

    I know what you mean about 10 mans. It will be great to do those to learn the strats too. Hopefully not too much elitism spawns from it.

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