Too Busy Playing

October 26, 2008 at 8:57 pm (World of Warcraft)

So very few updates here, but I blame Blizzard.

I have a lot to say about Hunters, but I haven’t spent much time on mine due to the new Achievement system.  Why?  I really don’t know.  I was totally prepared to ignore Achievements entirely, and just get whatever I ended up with. And then…

The first thing that happened in 3.0 was an invite from some old friends in our ex-guild private channel. “Hey, you want to do UBRS?”  I thought I was up for some classic nastalgia action.  As I flew over, I realized they were talking about something else – The Leeeeeeeeroy! Achievement.  If you haven’t looked it up, you have to kill 50 whelps in 15s  I rolled my eyes at my computer, but decided to help my buds out anyway.  They had already cleared up to the 1st boss and needed a 3rd to summon him.  The group was Arms Warrior, Warlock, and Fury Warrior (me).  We gave it a couple tries, but the other warrior kept dying as he tried to gather whelps, and the 2 of us couldn’t quite AoE them down before the next one died.

So we get a few more from their guild, well 6 more actually, for almost a full group.  Now it’s cake.  Pop. And then…

“XXXXX Jenkins”

What’s that?  A new Title!?!  Sure enough there it is right below my never used “Knight-Captain.”

So, I spent the rest of the morning looking up titles.  The best resourse so far is wowwiki’s page.  As I parused the options, there were a few that stood out for my hunter, but the one I really want for him is “The Seeker.”  I currently only have 1500+ quests done, and I didn’t feel like running around doing lowbie stuff right now, but this will be my primary goal when LK comes out. Prior to that, I’m going to get “the Explorer” title ASAP after entering Northrend, followed by “The Argent Champion.”  Since I first saw those guys in Darnassus, I’ve always ‘wanted in’ to their little club.

For now, the only thing I’ve been doing is running Scholomanse and Undead Strat.  That actually works out really well because, the only 2 pieces of Beaststalkers armor I don’t have are the pants and helm.  I can actually do the 45min barron run solo, that felt great.

Then the madness set in.

My bother uses my name as a verb meaning to explore every possible area and item of a video game.  I have a tendency once I start something to become obsessed with completing it.  For instance, I can’t buy a CCG without continuing to spend money until I have every card in the set.  As I would earn an Achievement, say completing scholomanse, I’d notice that it was part of a larger achievement, and then “have to” complete that one, by running every dungeon in Azeroth.  This created a sunami of things that I felt I absolutely had to do.  I honestly don’t know how I’ve lived with myself the last 2 years without competing the afore mentioned Beaststalkers.

Luckily, as I’ve grown older, I’ve found that obsession fades into despise should I find the goal be unobtainable.  Continuing the example, when foil cards that were ultra rare were introduced into my favorite CCG, they were so rare that I could have collected 5 sets otherwise.  I completely stopped collecting. So to save my sanity, I dove even further ahead into the Achievement system.  As it luckily turns out, many of the overall achievements cannot be completed without Northrend. Whew.  That gave me enough sanity to step back and return to my “get achievements as they come” attitude.  I now swear that the only things I will set to achieve will have a reward at the end.  None of this meaningless ‘/love every critter.’

I’ve limited myself to only one run per day now as Wnodis still has a lot to do to get Outland pets and her title is a whole nother story. (perhaps tomorrow)


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  1. Pike said,

    My boyfriend and I have been running Strat nonstop to try and get that mount for him, I got the pants the other day…

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