Brewfest summary

October 5, 2008 at 3:56 pm (World of Warcraft)

All told there were at 60 summons, 48 kills, and 1 kodo dropped, 0 rams.  During this time I’ve met some of not only the worst players, but the worst people in my 4 years of playing WoW.

I had over 450 tickets taking up space in my bank since last year and I thought getting a ram was at least a sure thing.  Suddenly, Bliz makes them worthless except for clothes. They add a kodo and get me all excited about actually having my favorite mount on one of my mains, and I only see one drop (no ram ever) in 13 days of attempts, with much more time invested and much more aggravation.

So other than the kodo how was it.  Lame.  The minipet is no longer a neat little quest but a stupid 50s buy.  The pink elephant quest is gone.  The 2 ram riding quests remain, but they’re payoff is still much lower than the amount of effort in actually doing them.  The only bright point is the return of the dark iron attacks, and even those sucked if you didnt happen to have 10+ people around to fend them off.  On my low pop, horde bank alt I was only able to complete it 2x (barely) and only at peak hours.

Seriously, Bliz.  You ruined my favorite WoW holiday for me.



  1. Ryukyu said,


  2. shibumi said,

    absolutely. I logged in, saw the rams not for sale and dropped all my previous tickets. very disappointing. never even tried the rest of it. I solo all the time, chances of getting something in a raid group is zip.

    there goes a pretty good holiday. oh well. can’t for the life of me figure out why they did that.

  3. Cryptography said,

    I was one of the lucky few who got the ram last year. If you got the brewfest hand stamp, the vendor would talk to you again this year and you could replace your ram if you lost it some how. No chance at all of getting any of my alts up with a mount though. The nerfing of all the fun quests and making the boss be the focus of the whole event sucks hard.

  4. Sarai said,

    /agreed wholeheartedly. I ran it with my NE boomkin on one night & got both caster trinkets, & the brewmaiden trinket just for kicks, & that was it.

    We did have the kodo drop once, I didn’t win it but my sister did, so that was kinda nice. But yea, Brewfest stank royally this year.

  5. Naztheros-Sentinels said,

    Oh geez.. Try having a tank that can’t even pick his nose most of the time.. I respecced SURVIVAL just to have READINESS to pop MisD all the time.. I WAS the lifesaver in my groups.. Haha xD My wolf tanked the boss so many times.. My god, people ARE idiots.. and Brewfest has been ruined, in a sense. Was still fun for me.

    # of Coren Direbrew kills: 468
    # of Kodos: 8
    # of Rams: 3
    # of Kodos won: 1
    # of Rams (Masterlooted, but no one wanted it. n.n; I was like “WOOOOOT”): 1
    # of remotes: 3
    # of remotes won: 1
    I haz all the trinkets.. his dagger.. Anything. I was DETERMINED! Got meh ram last second on the last night o’ Brewfest. n.n;
    ..Your luck sounds pretty bad. : / Well I guarentee I’d be good in a group, come check out If you’re a Horde. ;P

    You just need to bloody kill him more than 13 x 5 times XD Seriously.. huge pain in the ass though.

    Looking forward to Hallow’s End! n.n

  6. Naztheros-Sentinels said,

    Sorry for double, but Check out Sentinels* Keyboard’s been acting wonky.. >.>

  7. Akycha said,

    Yeah brewfest was a bit disappointing this year. I really missed the woplertinger quest and my friends who just started the game were confused. “Where are the cool quests you were talking about?” they asked me. :(

    I have to say we were a bit lucky in that we saw one kodo and two rams drop. And I avoided the idiot problem because I put the groups together with guildies and friends from my friends list. And I know a lot of people who are altaholics. I’m sure I killed him way more than 60 times as a result. We only saw the dagger drop 3 times as well my rogue guildie who wanted it was never in the group when it did. :(

  8. Sigrdrífa said,

    I, too, must agree. Though to be honest I still have the hand stamp for a lvl 40 ram, i was hoping that my lvl 36 dwarf could have gotten it. But no. Hopefully when he becomes lvl 40, it is still available. I did not buy anything though I had 300 stamps. Nothing interested me, not even the paper costumes. :) Thank you for making this a post! Hopefully Blizz will listen for next year.

  9. nyelvmark said,

    I loved it! It was a way to have fun with my banking alt – She now has Belbi’s goggles which reduce threat by 80% in PvP, and is also a member. Just like me, in many ways..

  10. Cotytto said,

    Stupidest way to ruin an event that almost everyone was looking forward to.Basically screwed over anyone not level 70 (who could get a group) ninja looters abounded if you did.

    I was so looking forward to my alt getting a mount which I would have been happy with a kodo,but noooo!

  11. Gauntlet said,

    I was hoping for the Kodo/Ram as something I could purchase with my 40-60 characters. I have nice stuff for my 70s. It was sad.

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