The Brewfest Experience

September 25, 2008 at 3:14 pm (Warcraft, World of Warcraft)

Sorry, but this is a venting session.  I just have to express how freaking frustrated I am with Brewfest.  It goes without saying that I still haven’t seen either mount even drop.  I want that Kodo for my warrior so freaking bad.

(This post is being updated as brewfest continues.)

Day 1 (Sat) – Logged in and first /guild message was “who wants to do brewfest.”  Went in with 5 people, downed the boss 5x didn’t see anything to even roll on.

Day 2 (Sun) – Got a group that was a tank+healer with one summon between them looking for 3DPS.  We got 2 other DPS from some guild called “The PvP Spartian Project” named “Bombers” and “Thexecutionr.”  As soon as they join, they ask for leader, not a good sign.  Their next move is to call “Doing last summon” and “Doing next to last summon.”  I should have left at that point, but…  So, I summoned, the other guy summoned, and the 2 idiots, dropped group and left.

Day 3 (Mon) – Got in a group with a couple guildies, and tried to tank.  We wiped.  So one guy gets on his hunter and kite-tanks him 2 times successfully, but wipes the 3rd.  On last attempt, they let me try tanking again and we make it.  Over all a great night as, I got both the DPS and tanking trinkets.

Day 4 (Tues) – Ready for this?  With 2 good tries under my belt, I bill myself as a tank with summon.  I got in a 5 summon group with a healer as poorly geared as I was.  I did the first summon, and the lag was horrible.  I had 1200-1800, and I was on the low end.  The boss was bouncing everywhere and we wiped.  While we waited for the lag to calm down 2 of our DPS got D/C and didn’t come back (One was a guildie and I actually talked to the other guy the next day).  After 30 min the 3rd DPS leaves.

I figure I’m better off sticking with the healer than trying to get a group without a summon so we hearth back together and start a 2nd.  We get a few people and one of them asks for leader so the healer gives it to him.  They ask which of us can summon, and healer says he can’t (he could but it was his first night trying).  I didn’t realize he was kicked until I got to BRD, so I /w him to ask what happened: “I don’t know…”  I ask the leader what happened: “He said he had another group or something . Just start OK.”  Right.  Leave group.

Was I smart enough to give up for the night?  No.  “LFG brewfest, Tank – Sorry no Summon.”  And lo, an invite.  I remind them that I don’t have a summon and they’re cool with it.  Awesome.  A rogue joins the group soon after and we head to BRD.  The lag has calmed down, and I notice that the rogue seems to be either Sunwell or S4 equipped.  Something like 12kHP.  This should be cake.

We start up and the rogue immediately pulls agro.  I taunt, and the rogue has agro again before the CD is up.  Now since I’m not holding agro, I’m also not generating rage from damage delt to me.  Next time it’s not the rogue, but the healer trying to keep the rogue alive.   I’m desperately hitting taunt.  It went on like this for ~40% before we finally wiped.

So now we’re running back, and the rogue is just going off on me.  At this point I realize he’s arena and has no clue about PvE.  He refuses to scale back his DPS and just throws blame on everyone else in the group for both sucking and being “nubs.”  The final argument is he’s going to tank.  That’s fine with me.  So we go again, and he drops at 90% like a brick.  That’s what 490+ defense does for you.  He drops as soon as he’s done with a message who’s only non sensored word is ‘nubs.”  If I’d been thinking, I would have stayed in tank instead of switching t DPS gear, and tried 4-manning, but instead it’s a wipe.  We only have 1 summon between the 4 of us now, and we call it a night.

Day 5 (Wed) – Good day.  I got in a guildie group.  I’m in no mood to tank, but there’s no one else on, besides, it’s guildies.  So I tank a 5 summon and I think only 1 of the corpses actually got looted.  We all had gotten trinkets and were just there for the mounts.  After the first 5, we switched to alts and tried 4 more.  I think there was 1 wipe there, but no mounts.

Day 6 (Thurs) – Despite my better judgement I get a PUG looking for DPS.  Safe enough.  First one is a wipe at 3% when both the tank and the healer get repeatedly stunned and barreled.  Second, we barely squeek by.  The tank dies, I swapped my shield and went def stance for 5%.  The third, we wipe again at 5% when 3(!) of us were barreled at the same time.  At this point, one of the DPS leaves, taking his summon with him.  Only the healer is left, and we’re not going to find someone with a summon to replace the DPS.  So we leave with a single kill for the day.

Well that’s it for now.  I’m going to just update this post with further venting rather than subject you to more of this depression.  I hate this boss.

I want that Kodo so dang bad.

UPDATE Day 7 (Fri) – Got in a 5 summon with mostly PUGs and a lvl 69 guildie.  Tanked and killed 5x, but no drop.  Three of the DPS trinkets and 2 healing.

UPDATE Day 8 (Sat) – Full guildie group.  Here’s the rundown: Undergeared tank (me), undergeared rogue (a RL friend), undergeared shammy (level 67), feral druid (who just started playing again after a year break), and holy priest in T4 or T5.  We wiped 3 of the 5 times.  Who was the weakest link?  If you said anything other than the priest you’re wrong.  TWICE he was in range of Coren’s Direbrew Disarm and caused the wipe.  Why?  He’s trying to get off Circle of Healing.  Seriously, if CoH is causing wipes – DONT USE COT.  GAH!

UPDATE Day 9 (Sun) – Didn’t even log in I think.  Needed a break to put this stupid boss in perspective.  I also should mention that one of my friends got a Kodo.  He is no longer my friend until he gives it to me.  BoP be damned!

Day 10 (Mon) – Had a guildie group.  Five summons, five kills, 0 kodos.  A fellow guildie got in a PUG later that had 2 kodos drop, but lost on both of them.  I leave it to you: who was luckier?

UPDATE Day 11 (Tues) – PUG group 5-summon that was very suspicious of my tanking gear while they were in T4/T5.  They did me the kindmess of scaling back DPS, and I did paid them back with 5 successful tanks and kills.  We got the coin 3x, and I was the only one that could use a shield.  I think all 5 corpses rotted.

UPDATE Day 12 (Wed) – 4 Guidies and an extra went in and the Kodo actually dropped for the first time that I’ve seen.  Of course the PUGger got it, and of course, I had the lowest roll of the 5 of us.  I actually feel alot better knowing it actually exists for some reason.  It gives me hope that it will drop again.  I also got a remote which is nice.

UPDATE Day 13 (Thur) – Full guild group.  Three summons resulted in the coin which all 5 of us auto-passed on.  Yes, even the priest already had one.  The other 2 had a single candidate for rolling otherwise everyone had them already.  Meh.

UPDATE Day 14 (Fri) – Got in a guild group during the day again with 5/5 kills and 0 kodo drops. 48

I still had a summon on my hunter so I logged on again in the evening hoping I could summon with Z once, and then hop on W for the other 4, (so no tanking).  I spent my time getting from 205-225 fishing and then doing Nat Pagle’s quest.  My kid got me up early so I’m really really tired.  Finally, right as I turned it in, some one asks “anyone for brewfest?” and I’m the first to say “Me.”  A few others chime in too, but they need a healer.  Someone volunteers on an alt once an instance run is over.

So I wait around, half-asleep.  A 20min goes by and I ask what’s going on since I haven’t gotten an invite, and the reply is “We’re just waiting on the healer.”  Another 10min, and I’m actually wondering if I’m too tired to play, when the guy says he’s ready to switch to his healer.  The next chat I see is “OK, we’re ready to pull as soon as you’re here.”  However, I’m still sitting in Thereamore… What the Heck?!  I check my guild tab and sure enough there’s 4 in BRD.  So I whisper again, “What’s going on, why wasn’t I invited?”  “Oops.”

Oops, indeed.  You have no idea how close I was to typing /gquit.  I fell asleep contemplating how good it would feel to quit WoW and delete all my characters.  I don’t need this kind of stress from something I’m supposed to be doing for fun.

A day later, I feell a lot better and more rested.  I chaulk up the urge to quit to lack of sleep, but I’m still very disappointed in not getting a kodo.



  1. ihlos said,

    Kodo? I was just going to write this off as another silly event, but kodo? Now I have to check it out!

    Sorry to hear about your misfortunes. May your luck change!

  2. Znodis said,

    Yes, Kodo. Guess I should put the link in the post somewhere.

  3. Ryukyu said,

    Sigh, I really wish there was an option or something to either get the Ram/Kodo mount via tokens or through the boss. I don’t have good enough gear on my Ally Pally to heal, tank, or DPS (DPS is a maybe with the upcoming patch), and my Belf Pally is only level 49. So really, the mount is out of reach. Anyone who has low to mid level alts is SoL, and I don’t mean Seal of Light. And I also don’t see why they are going to make the Brewfest Tokens expire. I should be able to save those up for next year so I can get my full outfit and the pony keg. I mean really, I have other things I am trying to do to right now. Brewfest is a nice distraction but I have one toon I am trying to get geared up, and another I am trying to level up, and they both need money, which takes time to make. I shouldn’t have to spend that much time and effort on something that really has no impact on the game past cosmetics.

    The exception to that is the gear you can get from Direbrew, but that would make sense. You are getting gear that can actually help you and affect gameplay, soooooo you have to kill a boss for a shot at it. I wouldn’t have a problem adding if they added the mounts to his loot table as well to give you an alternate to getting the mount, but this is a real kick in the crotch to casuals and to people with alts.

    I just hope that Blizzard looks at all this feedback and says ‘Gee looks like we got it right in 2007, maybe we should go back to that, or maybe we should find a happy middle ground between Brewfest 07 and Brewfest 08.’

    Sorry for the long comment.

  4. ihlos said,

    After doing a couple rounds of this, and getting the mount preview for the kodo, I’m no longer wanting this thing. It’s a little small for my char, and it walks like its on crack. I’ll stick to the bear mount =)

  5. Turtlefish said,

    Not sure how true it is, but I heard a few times that they’re making it purchasable next year. For the sake of everyone who struggled for two weeks and didn’t get one, I hope they do.

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