Spiffy Warrior Macro

September 11, 2008 at 10:02 am (Game Design, Warcraft, World of Warcraft) ()

I try to keep this blog for hunters since I think that’s what most people come here for, but I’m trying to get my Warrior to 70 for halloween to get the squashling.  So you get a warrior update, that will hopefully inspire you to simplify your life.

I was talking with my friend the other day, complaining about my warrior’s DPS.  Things just didn’t seem to be dying as fast, but I was chalking it up to having a S1 hunter vs a 67 warrior in greens.  So we got chatting about talents, and I showed him my spec.

“Hey, you should really try improved Berserker Rage.  Free rage is good.” He said.

“Well it won’t make any differentce to me.  I never use it since I’d rather spend the rage elsewhere.” I said.

“Um… it’s free.  Doesn’t cost any rage.”

“… What.”

“You should be using it whenever the cooldown is up.”

I sighed.  “Great.  One more button I’m going to forget to push.  At least I know what I’m doing wrong now.”

So there I was.  A bit frustrated with the warrior class again.  I was already having problems getting Victory Rush to go off within the 20s it was up, and Execute was a pain because I often had the mob at 5% or less before I noticed it was lit.  Now I had a 3rd button to keep track of while I mashed Bloodthirst, and hit Heroic Strike occasionally.

There had to be a macro.

There wasn’t.

I checked all over.  Most were geared towards tanking, which I’m not up to date on (and will have to lookup again later).  There were lots of PvP macros as well, and a few grinding macros, but nothing that really helped me.  What I wanted was a macro like my steady shot: Use Bloodthrist, unless Execute or Victory Rush were up.

So I tried to make one on my own.  I tried the different commands, and check the forums only to find that what I wanted was a ‘fallthrough’ macro, and they had been removed in favor of /castsequence.  However, /castsequence wouldn’t help me.  It requires the first ability to go off before the 2nd can be done.  If Victory Rush faded right before I attacked, it would be useless for the rest of the fight.  Execute wasn’t even a thought there.  You could never know how many Bloodthirsts would have to happen before Execute.  Too many and it would never go off, and if too few, it would hang until 20% wasting time.  Very frustrating.  If only I had something like /castrandom Kill Command where it would only go off when I needed it.

And then I realized that was the key.  /castrandom will only cast from the abilities listed that are available, and the 4 I wanted to use would seldom be up at the same time.

Victory Rush was only available at the start of a fight.  It could conflict with Bloodthirst if I had more than 30 rage to start with, but that was unlikely when using Execute.

Execute was only available at the end of a fight.  I would have had to kill something less than 20s before, and have the mob at 20% health for it to conflict with VR, and if I had more than 30 rage, I really didn’t care if I used Bloodthirst instead.  It would most likely be in it’s 6s cooldown anyway.

Berserker Rage could be cast anytime it was up.  It really didn’t matter much if it was a few seconds late while the other abilities went off or if it went off instead of one of the other abilities.

Lastly, Bloodthirst was the default.  If none of the others were up, I wanted it to go off.  If any of the others were up, the conditions would be such that it wouldn’t matter which went off very much.

And so I had my macro:

/castrandom Victory Rush, Bloodthirst, Berserker Rage, Execute

With all that freed up, I only needed to worry about shouts and heroic strikes should rage permit.  It was close to the easiest session I’ve had on my warrior.


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