Pet Review – Hyenas, Freedom

August 25, 2008 at 9:01 pm (Hunter, Pets, Warcraft, World of Warcraft) (, )

I officially tested hyenas today, and my review stands.

While I wasn’t expecting a ticker-tape parade for finishing my review, however most of the reaction has not been ‘meh,’ but ‘you’re too late.’  I think I have to agree.  People looking for pet advice at this point should be watching what’s happening in the beta rather than what’s been happening.  I don’t feel too bad, I just wish I could have gotten it done a bit sooner so as to be more useful.  Soon enough I’ll feel up to messing around in beta, and give them what they want (I just wish I had kept up with the changes while I was in HI).

For now a weight has been lifted.  I’ve spent the last 5(?!) months trembling at the slightest change, and worried that I’d have a moment of stupidity and change some essential piece of equipment.  I’ve gotten upgrades that I’ve never really used with a fully developed pet.  I’ve been waiting months to change my gems to get some more hit rating.  I can actually enchant my rings.  The sudden freedom is actually staggering.

While those are lots of little changes to make, I now have no idea what I should actually do.

I’m still waiting for free transfers before I try my shaman again.  It seems like the moment I leave an inn with him, some 70 horde comes and kills him.  Sometimes I don’t even have to leave the inn.  My warrior is waiting to level up to get some access to more mini-pets, but again, bored horde => ganking.  It’s getting to the point where $75 to actually enjoy the game starts to seem reasonable.

I’m still not sure how I feel about the beta.  I mean I’m going to spend some time there, but I’ve spent these last months basically trying to stand as still as possible.  Now, I would like to see progress.

And it’s good to have Frothy back.



  1. Jayhawk said,

    It’s an amazing job you’ve done, and I think it will at the very least serve to let people appreciate the changes in WotLK more. I’ve been doing a bit of beta recently and reading a lot, and it seems that pets really are getting a major overhaul and that they actually seem to be trying to get every pet it’s chance of being used by more than just a few people. I’m not quite sure yet how the three families compare (only been there a day or two), though.
    However, I think with adding all those new families, Blizzard made it unlikely you’ll ever repeat this huge effort for WotLK =)

    As for the shammy, ye gods, I remember that, living on a PvP server. Moving to PvE *so* increased my enjoyment of the game…

  2. Toque said,


    For me its been an fascinating read the whole way through, and did help alot, as I now use an owl pet for soloing. thanks!

  3. Polecat said,

    I’ll admit I’ve only become a recent lurker, and my only comment was about a broken hyperlink, but I must say you’ve really helped this fledgling hunter out a great deal as I made my climb into the 30s. I am thankful you were willing to do all this work… not go find yerself a place to prop up your feet and get a good stiff drink from (insert friendly town name here) and relax.

    Once again, thanks for helpin’ out this hunter Newb (Yeah, my high level is a pally. Trying out a hunter was a HUGE change for me. ;) )

    – Polecat

  4. Lactic Acid said,

    I dunno – I still get hits on my blog with people looking up “Warp Stalker” :p enough that I can consider my warp info a major blog draw card lol – warpstalkers were the hot topic of the BC release, if people are still interested in info on them, well then, quality pet reviews that are relevant at the moment won’t go astray.

    That’s not to say that I’m not looking forward to your future WotLK pet reviews – but there is nothing wrong is supplying currently applicable info.


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