Pet Review – Gorillas

August 3, 2008 at 6:25 pm (Guide, Hunter, Pets, Warcraft, World of Warcraft) (, )

Gorillas have now been officially reviewed.  IMO they are a prime example of why pet mechanics had to change.  They are great companions that just don’t stack up against other families.

My turtle, Donatello, has been tamed in one of the most frustrating nights in recent memory. I had an evening to play WoW by myself without any familial ties.  The starbucks I went to didn’t have Wi-Fi even though the website said they did.  Luckily there were some open networks around, unluckily they all were only 1-2 bars.  I tried to put up with it for about an hour and went back to the beach house.  I finished testing the gorilla finally, and went to tame a turtle in Azshara.  After hearthing back to Shat: Oops, those don’t have Shell Shield.  Headed over to petopia as I should have to start with, which pointed me to hillsbrad, where I followed a trail of turtle corpses all the way up the river.  I finally passed the farmer and managed to tame one, learn Shell Shield, and head back over to Azshara to retame again. There’s still 20 min on my hearth.  I messed around a bit, and finally got to Firewing Point.  I was going to try to get to 60, but before I could even clear out the warlocks once, a 70 rogue ganked me.  I logged off in the GY.

Since then I had a little time to play and I think he is 55 right now.  I may have time to get him to 70 by next weekend or I may not.  I’m definitely going to try.

That will just leave hyenas.  I think I could write that review without getting one to 70.  I briefly had one on one of my alts long ago, but that gives me the experience of having it next to me, and mechanics-wise, they are identical to wolves without FI.  However, as I stated a few days ago, reviews aren’t actually the point.  I really just want to have one of each family to 70.



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  1. Itsnoteasy said,

    Personally, I prefer “Michelangelo” for temporary turtle pets :D

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