Pet Review – Bears

July 30, 2008 at 7:38 pm (World of Warcraft)

The bear review is finally up.  I think 25 days between updates is the longest since I started the review.  I still have 1.5 levels to go and then testing for gorillas, but I think I can still get it done by this weekend.

Bears were competing with crabs for the lowest recommended spot and bears won.  Or lost depending on your perspective.  The biggest difference between the 2 was a lower DPS and armor in favor of HP.  The lower armor was nothing, but the slight 6 DPS difference was noticeable enough resulting in agro lost more often.

Of course all this gets ‘fixed’ in WotLK, so the review boils down to “I liked bears.”

In actual WotLK news, I finally got everything working.  The first thing I did was put on my testing gear and spec to see the exact changes to my pets.  Frothy went from 141.4 DPS, 5988 HP, and 12040(53.28%) armor to 148.8 DPS, 6933 HP, and 12228(53.28%) armor. That’s with Cobra reflexes, but not any of the other goodies in the new talents.  My raptor is up at 178 DPS or something with talents now.  Delicious.

I can’t tell you how awesome it was to see my crab dash for the first time.  I still haven’t used my raptor to ‘charge’ yet.

The question right now is whether agro generation is now sufficient enough to worry about survivability.



  1. batgrl said,

    Hey when you’re next in beta – see if you can answer this question I’ve been pondering. There are still 4 skill slots in the pet bar – does it matter which ones you put there? So far I’m thinking no, that the pet just cycles through all the skills you have enabled in the pet spellbook.

    Er, realize I’m not in the beta, just peeking over the shoulder of someone who is and who isn’t playing their hunter but every now and then.

  2. batgrl said,

    Also – if you decided to do a before and after review of pets – realize there are many of us who will follow that just as avidly.

  3. Znodis said,

    In the pet’s spellbook tab you can turn on and off the autocast just like now. With only 4 slots, what I did was take off growl, claw, and only put the ones I didn’t want on auto-cast on the toolbar so I can click as needed.

    With the homogenization of pets, I think the question is going to be which of the 3 types should I do X with. And I do plan to look into that extensively.

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