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July 21, 2008 at 11:45 am (Hunter, Pets, Warcraft, World of Warcraft) (, )

I have to say I’m really happy with the way things are looking for WotLK. I’m beginning to wonder what we’ll have left to complain about when it hits. I’m extremely happy with where my pets ended up within the 3 categories bliz created. Crab and Raptors fell right where they should be, and my planned sporebat will hit the 3rd to complete my stable.

Currently my gorilla is level 67, but I’m heading to Hawaii for 19 days, so who knows. The growl nerf definitely hit me with the TSA spec, but now that I’ve found good places to farm, that’s not such an issue. I just wish horde casters were as easy to kill. I also wish I had time to play rather than having to work on keeping my house clean enough to sell. That’s pretty tough with a 2yo.

You may be wondering why I’m continuing the review when it’s obvious that most of this is going to be thrown out the window. Well even if you weren’t wondering, I am. I think if I still had 10 pets to go, I’d be done, and discussing the ramifications of new talents with the rest of the hunter community. With only 2 left, it seems like a waste NOT to finish.

But why write the reviews? Because it’s there. I’ve never heard of anyone else doing what I’ve done. Heck, it’s honestly crazy just to get 2 pets to level 70. To do 23… Well that’s cause for the nice men in white suits to come get me. When it comes down to it, I’m doing this for me. I don’t think I’ll ever finish KZ much less any of the other raids. I’ll never have T6 even if I didn’t think it was amazingly ugly. I’ll never have higher than a 1550 arena rating. I will be the first hunter I know to have one of each pet family to level 70. It’s just a bonus that other people get some use out of it.



  1. Mania said,

    “But why write the reviews? Because it’s there.”

    Exactly the same reason I finished my big article on loyalty — which will also soon be moot — and posted it on Petopia.

  2. Loronar said,

    Three talent trees for three stable slots. Blizzard is a genius in finding ways to appease us by working around requests.

    I was looking for a Bear review the other day and realized you hadn’t written one yet. :-P

  3. Bikutanda of Nazgrel said,

    Go for it! The expansion is 3 months away. Thats a lot of WoW time.

  4. Jayhawk said,

    I, for one, appreciate all the effort you put in this. I enjoy reading the reviews, the pros and cons of various pets, even if I may not always follow your advice.

    Good luck on the last bit to the finish!

  5. Cryptography said,

    Yes, please do complete the last couple of pet families. I’ve really enjoyed the reviews so far. Its been a great resource and is still valid for some time yet anyway!

  6. Its all as uncertain as wind direction but eh… /shrug « Snake in the Grass said,

    […] BKR, Mystic and Petopia (awesome articles) and a few others have posted the new pet classing and pet skills […]

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