What a Time

July 18, 2008 at 2:29 pm (Game Design, Hunter, Warcraft, World of Warcraft) ()

So I have been away from home, have no internet connection at home and I’ll be leaving for hawaii in 5 days, and NOW they release the WotLK talents and spells.

Since I’m running on battery power and paying by the hour, I’ll be general and brief.  Things look very cool in general, and there are some very welcome changes especially in lower talents.  For deep talents: SV got some love, MM still doesn’t have any real raid utility but personal DPS should be up, and BM has a few new tricks (Invigoration + Cobra Strikes is cool), but Aspect Mastery is solidly ‘Meh.’

My biggest question is: What the heck is considered an “exotic pet?”  That may make or break BM for me.



  1. ShatteredMoon said,

    So, according to the WotLK info posted at Petopia, ALL pets will have a focus dump ability in the expansion?

    Bite = Claw = Smack!

    Let’s hope this change survives the Beta. :)

  2. Znodis said,

    I know. That’s awesome news, and I’m keeping my eyes on all that great info coming out of beta right now.

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