Grinding Without Grinding Your Teeth

July 10, 2008 at 11:44 am (Guide, Hunter, Pets, Warcraft, World of Warcraft) (, , , )

Is someone looking for a level 70 bear?  Cause I have one :)

Or had.  Bear review will be up soon, and my Gorilla, “Stubborn Monkey,” is up to level 60 without too much effort.  Plus 1 gamer point if you know the reference.  Someone was interested in how long things were taking which made me curious myself.  So I’ve been checking my /played before and after for the last 2 pets.  To go 60-70 with the bear took 12 hours and 15 min total.  That’s with travel times, sending items to bank, restocking ammo, and all that stuff, but pretty much focused on grinding (no BGs/arenas).  The Nether Ray took about 9 hours to go from 64-70.

I think I mentioned it recently, but it’s worth repeating.  Firewing Point is by far the best place to grind without worries.  However, once my pets hit 64, I’ve found they can hold agro with my TSA – BM spec against 67s.  Adding in some resistances and avoidance makes the Legion Hold warlocks in SMV viable targets.  They drop the more lucrative aldor marks and armaments (I made 600g one night), and the game has some minimal number required meaning there is always 3-4 up.  With 3 people, each can take one of the casting towers, and pretty much never stop.

That also means that they’re constantly spawning which may be right where you are.  If you can’t handle chain pulling don’t go there.  I pretty much always have a freeze trap up, a mana pot, and some bandages ready just in case I start to get overwhelmed.  I don’t bother with mend pet either.  There’s more netherweave dropping than I can sell nightly on the AH AND they heal my pet faster.  So I mend only in emergency or when the debuff is still up.

The other danger, is Morgroron, a level 69 elite.  If you’re alone, it’s fairly easy to avoid him if you really want to, but it can hamper your grinding quite a bit.  With a 64 pet and S1 gear, I could take him with some kiting at the end and a pot.  With a 68 pet, I could take him consistently without my pet dying.  They key is to  pull back your pet as soon as his AoE starts and to Mend as soon as (or before) the fight starts and renew it as soon as it drops.  Misdirection will really help your pet maintain agro through those heals, but be ready with FD should something go wrong.  With 2 level 70s, he’s not much of an issue provided no warlocks spawn on top of you.

One last grinding tip: DON’T OVER-DO IT.

I only grind for two hours, one level, or until my bags are full, whichever comes first.  I tried pushing myself to finish level 68 with my bear and it was horrible.  I took the whole next day off from WoW just to cleanse the experience fully.  Have something else to do both in WoW and in RL so you don’t get too worn out on it.

Good grinding.



  1. Alice Thorn said,

    It’s very good advice, I’ve been trying to level Amithyst up to get to Watyr’s level. I got her through 22 in two weeks, and so now we’re in the tough stuff.

  2. draiggoch said,

    I did the dailies on the Isle of Quel thingy once my black lion Steinbeck was up to about 66 – it made the grind up to 70 palatable and profitable – and fun :o)

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