ID-10T Error

July 6, 2008 at 1:51 pm (World of Warcraft)

I just realized that for all the times I specced MM for TSA, I never put Scatter Shot on my cast bar…



  1. Itsnoteasy said,

    You try being a mighty hunter… and realising at level 40 that you’d never trained a new rank of bite for your cat since you tamed him at level 16. Oops.

    What makes it even worse is that I *did* remember to get dash and prowl… just not bite.

  2. Loronar said,

    Epic fail?

  3. draiggoch said,

    Erm …guess we’ve all got those sorts of stories.

    Like the time I went into Gruuls lair – before we got to the beast himself – and the raid leader said: “Draigg can you do MD on Teths”

    My response (to myself I hasten to add): “MD? MD? .What’s MD” which time the warrior’s target had run amok amongst the squishies.

    Never had cause to use it before and there it was stuck im my spellbook …ho hum

  4. Lactic Acid said,

    hee hee hee … Have I mentioned I love your pet reviews?

    See now you have it on your toolbar the addiction starts.

    Took me 3 weeks to relearn hunter play as a MM :) I had been BM all my life from even the old days when BM was very bad. Then after running copious amounts of battlegrounds to learn faster I found myself clinging to scatter and silence like some kinda neurotic five year old who wants his blankie. Now I am BM again and I have silence/scatter shot withdrawal.

  5. Pike said,

    Scattershot is over-rated anyways.

    *waits to be shunned from hunterdom*

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