Pets in a Tree

July 2, 2008 at 9:47 pm (Game Design, Hunter, Pets, Warcraft, World of Warcraft)

Mania posted a pic from WWI with the example pet talent, but it shows us a bit more that just that.  Note there’s 5 tiers each with compounding 5 points required.  There doesn’t seem to be anything beyond that, when you notice how many talents have prereqs and none of the final ones seem to be required.  It also makes me think talent points might be by level, but start at level 40 or 50.  That would yield 41 or 31 points to spec respectively.  41 seems too high, but so does level 50 to start getting points.  Could also be that you get 5-6 points for each loyalty level (but I hope they do away with that).

Though there’s no tabs for the other trees, in the requirements it says “20 points in Aggressive” which means that each pet will have multiple trees to chose from.  That is opposed to the idea that tanking pets only getting a tanking tree, or DPS pets only getting a DPS tree.

You can also see the name of a 2nd talent. The prereq for “Cornered” is “Focused Will.”

I’m curious how close they come to the tree’s I created back with my normalization post.  It wouldn’t be too hard to convert those to 5 point talents.  I’m also still wondering if they’ve normalized the base stats now that I’ve said that…

Could Bliz actually be reading?!




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  1. Bobo & SgtPork said,

    And yet . . . madder things have happened . . .

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