How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love My Warrior

June 25, 2008 at 8:28 pm (Warcraft, World of Warcraft) ()

I have a good time on my warrior last night for the first time since I hit 60 with her. What made the difference?

I am a Dagger Warrior.

From level 1 Wnodis has been. I do not recommend it, nor do I think I deal more damage that way. It’s just the only way I can enjoy the character. Here’s my story.

Several years ago, my RL friends were all playing on a different server than myself and were begging me to come over and run with them. There was just over 10 of them and they were running UBRS just for giggles once a week. Rather than lose my place in the MC/BWL guild I was already in with my hunter, I desided to make an alt. When asked what class they could really use their answer was an overwhelming: TANK, which at the time did not include Paladins or Feral Druids . They needed a warrior. And so Wnodis was born.

Now as per my nature, I have to do things my way. I saw this talent “Unbridaled Wrath” which possibly grants an extra rage whenever a blow lands. I thought: more blows, more rage. More rage, more damage. Therefore, the best use of this talent was the fastest weapons I could find* (*This talent has been normalized so that this is no longer true).

I was DW fury before that was even considered viable (whatever that means to you). I never took a weapon that had a speed of 2s or more. And it worked great. It was like playing a berzerker and I loved it. I even played enough BG to make Knight-Captain back in the old honor system days.

Then I transferred to my friend’s server. All of my great gear was totally wasted for tanking, and I basically started from scratch there. At the same time, Bliz had done some buffing and there was now a tank there in the form of a Feral druid. Now I was a subpar off-tank, until I could gear up. It really bothers me to have people counting on me, and not perform well. Yet with every piece of tanking gear I found myself disliking the character more and more. When my raiding guild broke up, I transferred my main, Znodis, over and Wnodis basically became my PvP/pet collecting toon. With BC, she just sat collecting dust.

Eventually, Z hit 70 and I figured it was time to level W again. (I also wanted the tiny sporebat.) Since I currently disliked the character, I figured I’d try a playstyle very different from what I was doing before. I bought a nice Blade of Misfortune (2H sword) and tried an Arms spec. Yuck. Then I heard about Warriors weaving Slam like hunters did, so I respecced that way. Not for me. It was very cool to see numbers approaching 1k routinely pop-up above mob’s heads, but I just wasn’t having fun. I made it to 63 which is basically required to get the repeatable rep quest from sporeggar, hit exalted with them, and stopped again.

That’s close to when I started up the pet review project. Since then I routinely checked the AH for Warrior gear, trying to motivate myself to play the character. It’s hard to collect level 70 non-combat pets from MT when you’re only 63. A few weeks ago, I found a couple of Blinkstrikes for very, very cheap. I was going to give them to my shaman, but then realized they can’t use swords. It was then that I realized I could give DW fury a second chance. Back on the AH, I found 2 Blades of Unquenched Thirst with speed of 1.3, and some +damage enchants. That’s the fastest I’d ever bought. But I needed level 64 and had no motivation still. None.

Enter Midsummer festival with huge exp rewards. A few short trips around azeroth later, I was 64. The blades were beautiful, and my screen fills with damage being dealt. I’m having fun.

It feels great to be back.


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