Release the Hounds

June 10, 2008 at 10:25 am (Hunter, Pets, PvP, Warcraft, World of Warcraft) ()

Last night was one of the best hour long WoW sessions I’ve had in a while.  I finally got SOLupos to hit 69.  Of the 4 SSO supplies I earned, 3 of them had BoJs, and I only got ganked once, but it is a short tale worth telling.

I’m in HP doing the 2 dailies at the throne.  I had finished both quests and was heading to the transporter to drop off my spark and do the turn ins.  One of my rules for leveling a pet is don’t pass an untapped mob and there were two demons spawned.  So I sent my pet and began blasting away.

Suddenly, I’m getting hit, and I recognize those graphics – a hunter.  T5/6.  Meh.  I don’t really care if I die.  And then I realize I didn’t explode my spark yet.  If you’ve never been ganked on that quest before, when you die you have to go kill elementals all over again.  That sux.

It was a dash to the teleporter, and the orc didn’t expect it.  He also didn’t have the right macro as I saw him send a multi-shot and hit both the demons and clearing the way for me.  HA! I was at 29% and dropping, as the spark went off.  Whew.  I took a breath and decided to fight back.  So, I ducked around the side, out of the line of sight, popped a crystal, and sent my pet on the untouched hordie.  He ran straight through to the quest givers followed by the 2 demons and my pet, he must have thought I was frantically trying to turn in quests.  He clearly didn’t see me now behind him (lost me in the fire graphics?) and mashing my macro, and depleting his HP to 74%.  Ah… he’s a keyboard turner, 56% (I should have started circle strafing at that point).

Now, I’m down below 20% again and he’s at 44%.  I decided to go for it and popped a health potion, but got less than 2k health, and then got hit with 2 crits and dropped below 5%.  In the end, he was at 22%, which isn’t bad considering how badly he outgeared me and that I didn’t even fight back until I was below 50% health.  Come to think of it, I never saw a pet…

Back to the review.

I actually thought I’d enjoy having a wolf more than I do.  I love dogs in general.  If there had been any wolves around at level 10 in NE territory, I probably would have tamed one as my main pet.  Several times, I considered grabbing one as I leveled to 60, but the uniqueness of having a crab (and lack of high level ones) held me back.

Now that I actually have one, it’s a bit of a let-down.  It’s the same feeling I got with cats, it seems like they’re too common.  The difference being, prowl gave the cat a great deal of personality, while wolf’s Furious Howl is mostly unnoticeable.  I mean, I’m sure it helps DPS, but if I printed out a list of damage my shots did in a fight, I probably couldn’t tell you which one FH affected.

I think some of it also has to do with the model/skin.  Unless he’s attacking something, it doesn’t look natural.  When I’m walking around, he still looks like he’s in combat.  Imagine going to the bank with some guy that’s got shorts and boxing gloves dodging around shadowboxing like he’s in the ring.  That’s what I feel like.  It actually makes me a bit anxious, and I keep wanting to put him in passive mode.

The sounds go too far the other way.  They’re a bit on the ‘wimpering’ side for me, and it sounds like he’s constantly being hurt while attacking / being sent to attack.  I’ve actually taken to turning the sound off while playing, and dismissing him when I get to Shat.  It’s kind of sad for a family I had high hopes of enjoying.



  1. batgrl said,

    Maybe the other wolf skin would be more appealing? Though it’s actually worg, so I supposed it’s not exactly wolf:

    I always thought that skin looked as though the critter felt less irritable than the other, lower to the ground/ready to pounce look.

  2. jenqduxo said,

    “Ah… he’s a keyboard turner”

    And what pray tell is that?

    What kind of “turners” are there, besides Ike and Tina?

  3. Macros said,

    btgrl… I am not sure I agree 100%. I still like the original look ;)

  4. Znodis said,

    Jenqduxo –

    Holding the right mouse button and moving tends to be much, much quicker.

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