Comparing Raiding Talents

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It’s been so long since BC came out that no one bothers to explain the relative benefits of each major raiding talents.  They just tell you FI is best and leave you to wonder why.  So, when I saw

I’m not sure why so much attention is paid to raiding as a Beast Master or a Survivalist.

posted on 35yrds out, I decided it’s time to explain FI vs. TSA vs. EW one more time.

Let’s assume that through gems or gear or whatever that hunter DPS will be exactly the same, the reason is we want to see what the effect is on the raid as a whole.  We’re also going to assume that you can keep all of these abilities up 100% of the time.

TSA = 125 x AP classes in group

With TSA you need to be in a full group of melee/hunters for the buff to be effective and get a full +500 AP.  Now since TSA doesn’t scale we can use it as our standard.  Since the other 2 do scale, there must be times they are less effective and more effective than TSA, so we can look for those transition points.

EW = (Agi x .25) x AP classes in raid

So if you only have other 4 AP classes, you’d need 500 Agi to match TSA.  With 5 you’d only need 400 Agi, and 6 is only 333 Agi.  Those are pretty reasonable thresholds, and if you have more than that you’re obviously doing even better.  In 25 man raids EW is crazy good, but for 10 mans it will really depend on what classes are DPSing.  Of course, SV does do substantially less personal damage which this does not take into account.

FI = +3% x Group DPS

This is much murkier.  I am not hugely geared, but I can pump out ~700 DPS while soloing, so let’s assume that’s standard for DPS classes.  Combining the other 4 members of the group together, they deal 2800 DPS.  A 3% increase is 84 DPS.  Now to convert that to AP.  The mathemagicians at TKA say 1AP is worth about .17 DPS (NOTE this is actual DPS not white DPS, for white DPS 14AP = 1DPS), which means that you’d need 494 AP to get 84 DPS.

HOWEVER, notice the 3% does not say physical damage.  It gives a bonus to any damage inflicted whether ranged, magic, or melee.  The other thing to note is that the bonus is not dependent on the hunter.  If you put in a freshly 70 BM hunter in with your T6 geared DPS, that 3% will be huge, while if they were specced MM or SV the bonus would be minimal.  Further, if you have 2 BM hunters in a group the bonuses stack unlike TSA or EW which you only need one hunter to spec.

As you can see for poorly, all blue/green geared raids MM will be ahead at least for a short while if you can get the group composition for it.  Once everyone has a few epics under their belts, FI will easily win out for greater bonus overall.   EW will likely top both in 25 man raids, but at the (worthwhile) expense of personal DPS and focus on crit/Agi.  While it’s nice to be at the top of the charts, raiding is all about working together to get the best DPS which is why FI is king.


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  1. Loronar said,

    Thanks for the history lesson. I wasn’t aware that FI and EW were added in BC. And perhaps you’re right. I’ve not seen enough 25-man content to really be able to tell how strong FI is. I’m still mostly raiding Karazhan and Gruul/Mags here and there. Kara is where you can see people still having blues in their gear.

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