June 9, 2008 at 9:48 am (Game Design, Hunter, Warcraft, World of Warcraft)

I have a few predictions for WotLK. I am not in alpha (nor probably beta) and these are just theories based on changes that have been made:

  • There will be pet armor, or at least armor with pet stats. The only explanation I can think of that growl would be based on RAP instead of PAP is that PAP will flow freely.
  • Scalable MM group/raid talent. If they don’t get one they’re going to be left behind.
  • We get a knockback that occurs randomly. People keep saying that hunters could then knock people off a cliff to kill them. Have they not ever been MC’ed by a priest in a BG where they burn all your cooldowns and then toss you? Have they not seen how warlocks can summon you over a cliff? Having it be a random proc at least excuses the hunter from doing it purposely.
  • The last set of talents leaked will be hunters’.
  • You will personally not like at least one of the 51 point talents (most likely SV), and there will be a tree where all of their new talents you consider underwhelming/pointless.
  • You will be killed by another hunter solely because of one of those talents in an unexpected way.
  • Talents for all classes will be officially released at once to avoid ‘showing favor’ to one class or another.
  • A new aspect that they clearly spent a lot of time balancing, will totally suck and you’ll wonder why they spent any time on it at all.
  • A new sting that will be awesome but for a reason that Bliz did not intend.
  • The return of magic resist on gear. They over did it in vanilla with a different set for each instance, and went totally the other way with BC. Expect a “weapon skill” to “expertise” type of change.
  • New taming/ability procedure to allow the 3rd stable slot to be used. They made a mistake and put it in for BC, but it was buggy. Expect the bugs to be worked out.
  • No change to mana in favor of a hunter specific mechanic. Mana is a mechanic they know how to balance around. I think they may try to make Int the only caster stat to worry about rather than putting mp5 or spirit on our gear.
  • I give it a 50/50 shot that Shaman will have AP scale with agility or they improve crit scaling with agility or some kind of Shammy Agi buff. Enhancement shaman have very little gear thats really right for them.
  • Marksman will gain some type of extra magic damage.
  • There will be another pet family that will have no abilities beyond those that can be learned from a trainer. (like sporebats)
  • The instant fear beast was ‘tested’ because some dev with a hunter wanted to beat some dev with a druid for once. When he lost, the druid went off mumbling about how he could have won if he had brought the right gear set.  (I guess that’s not really a prediction though…)
  • They will design 2 new guns and 2 new bows and just create different skins for them over and over.
  • There will be no new crossbow model. Those will all still look like the one Draenai hunters start with.
  • If a 3rd bow or gun model is created it will be even cooler than the other 2 , but only be available after better guns/bows are already attained. (Consortium Blaster syndrome)
  • 50/50 chance of there being crabs. Only 10% chance they will have a new skin that is tamable.
  • 100% chance there will be crocolisks and cats.
  • Some new mechanic will cause one and only one pet ability to be overpowered. This will occur on a pet whose highest wild level is 64 or lower. It will be fixed after 50% of the hunter population has leveled one to 80.
  • Issues with steady shot will not be fixed. 50/50 chance they will instead be side-stepped with a new shot and no one will use steady again.


  1. sylus said,

    don’t forget 50/50 chance that they will decide hunters don’t need pets anymore, and just give us a growl ability…that scales with RAP.

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  3. Drotara said,

    Haha, nice list.

  4. jamie said,

    “no one will use steady again.” cough aimed shot cough

    – Mobile stable access, 10 second cast to switch pets out of combat
    – All further tier gear will look increasingly ridiculous and less hunter-like (glacier shoulder t5, retard horn t6…)
    – Warlock gear will keep looking the most badass of class sets, to accompany how overpowered they are. Infinite mana, insane raid dps, 13k unbuffed HP, ftw!

  5. Trollin' said,

    I’m sorry, I have to chime in.

    Priest gear looks the best.

    That is all.

  6. Nomakk said,

    Excellent article! I have thrown together dream ideas that we will never get, but this is great speculation! :) Well done!

  7. Wykea said,

    “It will be fixed after 90% of the hunter population has leveled one to 80.”

    Fixed a typo for ya.

  8. Jayhawk said,

    Interesting prediction, looking forward to check your list against the finished product. If I had to add one, it would be that no hunter is going to like the looks of the next tier in armour. ;)

  9. batgrl said,

    “Some new mechanic will cause one and only one pet ability to be overpowered. This will occur on a pet whose highest wild level is 64 or lower. It will be fixed after 50% of the hunter population has leveled one to 80.”

    Knowing how long it takes to level a pet, this makes me cringe….yet it’s one that I’d put down a couple of gold on were we taking bets on all this. (Virtual bets, of course.)

    I REALLY hope you’re right about the stable slot thing. Would definitely make juggling pets for various uses a bit easier.

  10. yunk said,

    Or instead of knockback let hunters use maces. After playing LOTRO for awhile and seeing the advantage of maces on hunters (an extra stun to get distance, even though it’s random) dual maces would help, maybe a talent that increases the stun proc a little as well.

    Another thing I would like on my hunter is a snap aggro ability for saving the priests. I have intimidate but sometimes it takes awhile for my pet to get back to the priest, an instant pull to drag the mob into a trap would be nice. Of course maybe other classes would be jealous.

    I wish they’d give us more slots, and more skins for druids, and other things to increase the fun. I want the fun stuff more than anything, and by fun I don’t mean just another vanity pet.

  11. yunk said,

    oh sorry i was being serious sometimes stuff goes over my head :)

  12. Eloras said,

    I hope they don’t give us a 51pt talent that resets the cooldown on all of our abilities – that nobody would ever use..
    wait a sec…. ='(

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