Endless Road To Leveling

June 6, 2008 at 10:13 am (Game Design, Warcraft, World of Warcraft) ()

Did you know that trying to get your house ready to sell cuts into your WoW time?  It’s true! /sigh.  SOLupos is only 2 bars into 68 so I’m not even halfway to getting him to 70.  Boars will be up next after wolves and I estimate it will take 1,127,000 exp to get it to 70, and every pet after that is the same or worse.  If I only do 20k/day (which is what I get from my minimal dailies (when I do them), it will take 56 days.  I did the respec to 30/31/0 to make things much easier with my wolf, but as I was assigning points my wife was asking me something or other important and I ended up misspending at least 3 points.  I’m too scared to actually go back and see if there’s more. I’m finding I actually have to do work at work since there is a big deadline coming up next Friday.

Want to hear the good news?

My last day of work is next Friday.  I don’t even have to think about finding a job until next fall/winter, and even then, I could take an unpaid internship someplace cool (within daily driving distance of course).  I should be able to play WoW in the mornings and then spend time working on the house in the afternoons until then.  In late July, I’m spending 19 days in Hawaii, at a friend’s beachhouse rental property, for free, on Kailua Beach with the fam.

The best Frappaccinos in the world are the ones with the Hawaiian sun overhead, rainbows in the mountains behind, and the tradewinds blowing off the ocean.

I have a feeling they’ll do something with pets that will void all this work, but at least it gives me a goal until WotLK.  I keep hearing people talk about Christmas release dates, but I seriously think they’re working on an August release date for a 3.0 version and WotLK in September right now.  If they don’t release something before September, I think Bliz will have severe player loss.  People are already getting bored.  Provided they nail down the talents for a 3.0 as they did last time with 2.0, that will give them an extra 4-8 weeks for a 3.0.1 (WotLK) release.

So why do I think August for WotLK?  BC came out 15months after it was announced at a Blizzcon, included 10 new zones, 2 races, and only a few raid encounters (KZ, mag/gruul, SSK?, TK?).  August puts WotLK 15 months after Blizzcon, and assuming Bliz learned something last time, their dev cycle should be a bit more streamlined.  They’re  working on 10 zones (one is a BG) as before, but they have a raid ready to tune right out of the box so less dev time there (for the most part).  The only question mark left is how much are they going to mess with individual class mechanics and when will they declare such changes ‘good enough.’

I don’t think they’re going to let it get close to 2 years between expansions.

Actually, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Alpha sides right into Beta in the next week.  There was a lot still to be done when the last Beta hit, too.  With 2 additional zones to level 70-80 in, they’re also giving players more to do before raiding begins.  I also wouldn’t be surprised if mobs were a bit less generous with exp this time around.  They also learned that crafting is half the endgame for many raiders. That all means they don’t need as much ‘end-game’ raiding content until later.



  1. Wow said,

    I sure hope that wotlk would come out soon. IF august that would be nice, but I suppose that there would be some delay, so it may come later in fall…

    but we’ll see

    definetly the sooner the better

  2. Shaman Macros said,

    Kool Warcraft Blog :). I like WoW too, When it doesn’t seem like a Chore or Job.

  3. Ceolwulf said,

    Wow, grats on your upcoming freedom :)

    I think your reasoning is sound for the early release date … must get my current hunter to 70 before that.

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