Of Lupos and Petopia

June 2, 2008 at 9:52 am (Pets, Warcraft, World of Warcraft) (, )

I tamed one of the BEM wolves the other night. There’s actually a couple little stories there, but first I’ll say that I went to wowwiki to get a screenshot that contained the information “lupos” and “shadow damage” and came back with something else. Check out the petopia link right along side wowhead and thottbot. Grats Mania :)

I got my “Lupos deals shadow damage” in there too. Now on with our story.

It was a night of being an idiot. After my quick screech detour, I went up to BEM to tame a wolf before doing my regular dailies to get a start on exp and loyalty. It took a bit to find the right ones rather than the level 64-65. I kept going back and forth from the ogres in the far south with lower level wolfs
then flying up to the elite groups outside of Gruul’s lair that only had raptors. Somehow I kept missing the ones I wanted which were in between.

Eventually, I figured it out and found one alone, dropped down, laid a freeze trap, and bid farewell to ICHD, my dire raven. Turned out I didn’t see I was out of taming range. Actually, I was even out of weapon range. Simple mistake number 2.

So I walked forward a bit to concussive shot him so I had time to back up behind my trap before hitting tame. That plan went pretty good except that as I backed up over the trap I not only watched it disappear since I had taken too long devising my clever plan, but agroed a patrolling ogre.

As any good hunter, I hit my call pet (several times) before realizing I didn’t have a pet. Grr. Enough of this silliness. I hit Feign Death to make it all go away, and then started over. The tame went with out a hitch.

Now, I went up to Bashir’s Landing to get my daily mana cells and start my dailies. Usually, it takes less than 10 kills (I’d say 5 average) for me to get a device. At about 20 with no drops, it started to get annoying, but I figured it was just an unlucky night. At 40 I was thinking this was getting ridiculous, but at least my pet was getting exp. It was also taking much longer just to kill each mob because they kept resisting growl. I eventually took a break to see how much exp the wolf had gained, and it suddenly occurred to me to check my quest log. Yep. I had forgotten to get the quest.

That was enough for the night.

Sunday things went much smoother and I named my wolf SonOfLupos (SoL). You may have noticed that in each iteration of my WotLK talents there is always a Lupos one. As with most awesome things I encounter, I had no clue until much much later.

I was in my late 20s finally finishing up Mor’ladim and Bride of the Embalmer. If you’ve never rolled an alliance in Duskwood, those are 2 very cool quests, but they require you to run from one end of the zone to the other over and over for no other reason than to talk to some NPC. They also put a huge mountain range in the middle of the zone so you have to run in a bit arc rather than straight. That’s how I know I wasn’t 30 yet, because I was cursing Blizzard for putting AotC at level 30.

On one of the many trips I made, I was running along the north side of the zone, avoiding spiders when out of nowhere I get attacked by a wolf. My crab grabbed agro, and I backed up for some pew, pew. I didn’t even notice it was named until I looted a green cloak and noted that it had the same name, “Hide of Lupos.” I don’t think I even equipped the cloak because the one I had was +4 Agi or something. As I continued on my way I remember wondering what those black dots were all about when he attacked me. I checked my combat log and saw he did shadow damage. Pretty cool. I figured if I was to ever get a second pet, I’d get a wolf, but not right now.

When the first Blizzcon hit and I started thinking about getting a new pet for 60-70, Lupos immediately popped into my mind. So I went to do some research in spring ’06 to see what the spawn timer was and where he would be, etc. I not only learned that he retained the ability to deal shadow damage after he was tamed, but that he had been nerfed in the previous patch. Not even identified by name, even though I’m pretty sure he was unique, and covered up by the normalization of attack speed, a single line in 1.9 was his. “All hunter pets will now always deal Physical damage for their base attack.”  Had I known Lupos dealt shadow damage when I first found him, I think he would have been my main, just because of the uniqueness factor.

And so I instead tamed a WC raptor from 17 to 60 only to use my crab from 60-64 and tame a better looking raptor at 65, but I always think of how cool it would have been to have an unnerfed Lupos.  He will always be like the one that got away.



  1. Mania said,

    Thanks for pointing that out on WoWWiki! I never would have noticed it: I am finding WoWWiki more and more useful for guides and general info, but it never would have occured to me to look up Lupos there. :>

  2. Znodis said,

    I mostly use wowwiki for lore and historical purposes, and once in awhile mechanics. It tends to lag behind, but that means that older information hangs around longer. I’m glad the petopia link was at least news to you. After I posted, I was afraid that I was just late to the party.

    And now that I’ve read the post over again, I realized that I neglected the major point that if I had known Lupos dealt shadow damage when I first encountered him, I would have tamed him right away as my main pet. I also didn’t put together that I only discovered that he did after he had already been nerfed. Post has been altered.

    That will teach me to try to post twice in one morning.

  3. Loronar said,

    That mountain range circles one of the gates to the Emerald Dream guarded by an elite dragon. I’ve never tried running the north side. I didn’t really want to deal with random mobs, so I avoided it. I guess it was just one of those things you happen upon by chance. I’ve never heard of Lupos until you mentioned it. Interesting story. :)

  4. Znodis said,

    Yeah. I’ve actually fought that dragon. I took a random day off work and logged just as the ‘#1 raiding guild’ was forming a raid to take out the 4 dragons. I got invited somehow and spent the day traveling around the world. We ended up only fighting 3. We killed the ones in Feralas and Duskwood, but the horde got Ashenvale, and then the raid broke up in the Hinterlands over some green pattern that the leaders just gave to their guildie rather than letting the raid roll on. About 25% of the raid quit during the 2nd attempt when the MT died, and then the horde came in and wiped us as we rezed and regrouped.

    Good times.

  5. Krael said,

    Not only did I tame Lupos when he dealt Shadow damage pre-nerf, I still use him to this day, he’s level 80, and we’ve seen alot of the world… of warcraft… together.

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