Pet Review – Carrion Bird

May 30, 2008 at 9:07 am (Guide, Hunter, Pets, Warcraft, World of Warcraft) (, , )

Finished up reviewing the Carrion family last night. I didn’t expect it to be so high, but the question I had to ask myself is “would I recommend it over my raptor?” Definite, “yes” there. Again this is mainly due to screech and it’s agro. I did some testing on that last night too, but that’s for another post. Needless to say, the numbers follow.

I realized I got really lucky with the 2 pets I know really well: crabs and raptors. They really are good markers for the pet families. Raptors are not the best pets. If I had to say it, they might be the worst of the best pets. The crab is in a similar situation where it’s basically as bad as you can get while still being recommended. It’s easy to say spiders and dragonhawks are not recommended when they don’t even measure up to the lowly crab.

You may reasonably ask, if raptors are the worst of the best why are windserpents below them? Answer: People are lazy. Windserpent are indeed better, but I’d bet 50% of the people would tame a WS and then come back posting about how they used to have a raptor, and now their DPS went down with their new WS. It’s a pet you have to know how to use to use it effectively unlike almost every other pet family which is basically tame and play. I’m hoping that if anyone ever uses my list to argue against getting a WS, the person on the other end points them to the actual review portion rather than just the numbers.

I should add that paragraph to the reveiw… (done)

You may have noticed some changes to the main review page. I originally set it up to help organize the review process, but I’m slowly transforming it into an overall comparisons page. I plan to set up a table of all the final stats for easy comparison of actual numbers rather than the percentages you see everywhere, and ranked lists for each of the test areas for those looking for strictly ‘the best arena pet’ or ‘the best solo pet.’

I am also working on a pet skills guide since several of them have little tricks to make them work better.



  1. fearstalker said,

    I think I can safely say that the Raven is going to be my primary pet at least until WoLTK. I think the Raven does better than my Cat with aggro, So, until something nicer comes out in WoLTK, it’ll be my Raven, Springpaw and the WS.

  2. Bikutanda of Nazgrel said,

    My Dire Raven at loyalty level 2 holds better agro than any other pet I have had.
    I now use the Dire Raven for solo work, and the Battle Worg for groups. My cat is still a level 62 (Shy-Rotam)

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